The Audition/Workout MasterClass In-Studio

The work is different now and you need to up your game

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Johnathan McClain

Class Dates:

Wednesdays, June 22 - August 10.  8 Weeks.


6:30 - 10pm Pacific Time

Ideal for:

Actors looking to embolden their auditions and their careers. By application or invitation.   **There are no makeups, refunds, substitutes, transfers, or deferments for any classes. (Cancellation Policy) (Vaccination and Covid Safety Policy) 


$649 USD for 8 weeks. $379 due as a deposit to secure your spot, $270 due after class 2


In-Studio at The BGB Studio with 1-2 classes online

The Industry has changed.

It has. And it will continue to change. And the ever-changing nature of things can make an already tough-to-navigate profession even more difficult. Sometimes it can feel like it’s all just so far out of your control.

The good news? There is one thing you CAN control… How YOU react to it.

No matter what you’ve been told… just following some perceived prescription about auditioning or self-taping is the antithesis of showing up and being seen. And it has the unintended side-effect of taking you out of your power. Because your best audition doesn’t come from you trying to figure out what “they want,” it comes from you giving the most present, most authentic version of what you have to offer. Same goes for building and sustaining a successful acting career. The actor who stands out — who grabs the attention of casting directors, directors, producers, and executives — isn’t the one who “does everything right,” they are the one who shows up with ease, with presence, self-possessed, fully dropped into the moment, and focused on the only thing that actually matters… The work.

The actor who brings themself fully without apology to all areas of their career.

“So, how do I do that?”

That’s what this class will help you discover.

Over the course of 8 weeks in-Studio (with 1-2 online classes on Zoom), Johnathan McClain will work with you to access and shine a light on your unique, authentic voice and the power YOU hold every time you show up for an audition or self-tape, and your entire career. He’ll offer you tools and skills to help you always remember that when you audition for anything, ever, no matter what it is, you are not ASKING anyone for anything (permission, approval … A JOB), you are SOLVING A PROBLEM by offering whoever you are auditioning for the most compelling, dynamic version of yourself you can be and presenting them with the kind of actor who will show up focused on the task at hand and unshakably confident in their ability to deliver.

Johnathan's extensive career — on both sides of the camera; as an actor auditioning for roles and as a writer/producer casting roles — has taught him one thing: The key to success is learning that while you can’t control the outcome of an audition, you can control everything else about it. You can control how you prepare, how you present, how you leave it all in the room and on the tape, and — most importantly — how you leave it all behind once it's done. How you give the gift of your time and talent and then walk away even more empowered than when you started, confident in the knowledge that you gave all you could give and proud of the work you’ve done. These are the building blocks that are the foundation to creating and maintaining a rich, successful, enduring career that remains solid and constant no matter what changes may come your way or perceived obstacles may appear in your path.

Getting jobs is important. And this class will help give you the tools to make that happen. But crafting and sustaining a career is the ultimate goal. And this class will also help you learn how to use your tools to build something lasting, undeniable, and exclusively your own.


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Your Teacher

The work...

Each week you’ll work in-person most of the time, along with a class on Zoom in order to keep you connected to self-taping and what auditions feel like in the virtual space. Each week you’ll get real-world input and tackle all of the audition and self-tape challenges and pitfalls, along with learning ways in which to free your work and show up fully on-camera. Additionally you’ll explore your voice as a writer/director, and look at how you can bring that voice to all of your work and career practice.

The material you work on will be a variety of scenes chosen by you and/or your teacher, along with original material generated by YOU. The work will mostly be recorded and sent to you for your PRIVATE review. It’s time to come back to the work you love with a new ownership and perspective, no matter where it happens.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

"Johnathan doesn’t just teach the skills you need to be a success, he also inspires you to believe that you will be. There are no tricks or gimmicks. His approach is to simply encourage you to understand that you have all the tools necessary to succeed already within you. After working with him you'll find that you come away not only feeling confident and empowered, but excited and actually looking forward to the very idea of auditioning."


"Johnathan is a person of unbelievable integrity as an actor, writer, director and most importantly as a teacher. He is very attuned to the actors he works with and has a sophisticated b.s. meter, which helps him to help you remain true to yourself and the material. Johnathan knows what it takes to challenge actors so they have the best shot to succeed as a working artist. He not only brings a careers worth of hard earned advice, knowledge and practical skills, but if you watch and listen carefully, Johnathan fully embodies everything he teaches."

- Kyle Secor, THE FLASH

"It’s not all the time you come across a spectacular gem. And Johnathan is that. I first met Johnathan when attending classes at the BGB Acting Studio. He was one of our teachers. However, he was/is more than a teacher, he is a guide, a mentor, an earnest and humble human.He is a straight shooter and gets into the work immediately. Very much like a coach helping an athlete achieve their best, their true potential. When class finished, I was bummed because I could have been there all day. I have begun working with Johnathan via Zoom for self-tape audition prep and every second is devoted to the work. Not just the scene, but in me, as a living breathing human being. There’s no ego, just real authenticity. It’s the best."

- Herman Gambhir, SNEAKY PETE

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