BGB Group Career Coaching Series

This is your path to success

BGB Group Career Coaching Series

This is your path to success

BGB Group Career Coaching Series

This is your path to success

BGB Group Career Coaching Series

This is your path to success


You are at a fork in the road. 

But you're not alone.

Whether you’ve been at this a while, or you’re at the early stages of your career and you need guidance, this moment is a new and uncharted time for every actor.

If you don't know what the next step is for your career and your craft, it's ok.

We are here to guide you to the career of your dreams, from wherever you are in this moment.

We know the Industry inside out; we’ve been in it for decades, as working actor, director, casting director, producer, teachers, and coaches. We’ve guided hundreds of actors to true success and fulfillment in their careers. We have answers!


And we'll do it together in a maximum of 8 passionate, committed actors so we can all support, inspire, and learn from each other.

This is the path to the Career you want.

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We will work together on Zoom for 4 TRANSFORMATIONAL WEEKS to challenge old beliefs, get to the core of your artistic identity, and craft a practical, actionable plan that gets you where you want to go.

Each coaching group is led by Risa, Steve, or both of us and is designed for YOU.

We will...

-Look at your materials (headshot, reel, resume, etc) and make sure they are actively working for you.

-Crack the Agent/Manager relationship, no matter where you are in your pursuit of or collaboration with representation.

-Show you how to connect with Casting Directors, Writers, Directors, the Industry through all the networks available to you (friends, colleagues, social media, etc).

-Take the concept of “brand” and “type,” deconstruct it, and reimagine your unique voice as an actor and a creative force.

-Give you the tools to design a schedule that allows you to focus on what’s necessary to be a fully evolved artist, including practicing your craft every day.

If you're ready to turn the energy of frustration and despair into the energy of action and achievement...


You can take command of this moment and do the work of success.

We can do this together.


Risa Bramon Garcia & Steve Braun
Online via Zoom

Thursdays, 5 - 7:30pm Pacific time:

September 5, 12, 19, 26

Thursdays, 5 - 7:30 PM Pacific time: September 5, 12, 19, 26
Ideal For:
Actors of all experiences & locations ready to do the work to transform their careers
$499 for the 4 session group package
2.5 hour sessions for 4 consecutive weeks
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"Risa and Steve offer an explosion of empowering, liberating, compelling insight and information in regards to YOU Inc. Their nurturing guidance and heartening advocacy has inspired me to authentically and effectually take leadership and fully embrace the areas of my career - where I hold the reins. More importantly, ME. I now have a distinct, unrestrained excitement moving forward and I am fiercely grateful for every class. This work is undoubtedly invaluable and I strongly encourage every actor to Get. On. It."

- Toni Christopher, 20TH CENTURY WOMEN

​​"You need to do the work to get the work, plain and simple. And you may have to work harder than other people. Maybe it does not come easy, if at all. Luck helps. Timing helps. Preparation helps. And the right guide can do even more. Risa will teach you, guide you, give you tools, support you, push you, understand you, and help you do the work you need to do to rise higher. With her compassion, insight, and experience, her approach is tailored to the individual; to those who are willing to invest their time, energy and commitment to working with their own raw materials in moving forward in their career and craft. I recommend Risa so highly."


"Working with Steve is an empowering experience. Steve brings with him insight, patience, and the uncanny ability to know when to push, and when to lay back. But what’s more impressive about working with Steve is what he DOESN’T bring. He never shows up with ego, or an agenda and never makes you feel like the work is about him. It’s really like watching a martial arts instructor…he makes small adjustments, re-aligns you, but always makes you acutely aware that your journey can only be walked by you. What I find unique about Steve is it’s so clear that he isn’t interested in keeping you dependent on him as a crutch. He is interested in making YOU your most powerful ally. If you couldn’t tell, I can’t say enough about Steve. He has changed my life, my career, and my emotional well being."


"Risa and Steve nurture self-worth and agency -- each artist needs these timeless values to fully express their creativity and evolve their careers. I found the career coaching sessions particularly helpful in creating a structure of accountability for my goals. Not only did I come away empowered with my own plan of action, but also the knowledge that in BGB, I have a community to return to for inspiration and future growth."

- Monique Curren, Power Book II: Ghost

"Through Risa’s coaching at The BGB Studio I have discovered what it truly means to be focused and centered. In a business in which your To Do List will never be complete, Risa has taught me to remain present in every moment and not worry about what is next while approaching the work with confidence and authority. My passion and love for our Industry has been reborn. Thank you, Risa!"

- Jason Clodfelder, President Of TV, Legendary Entertainment

"Training and coaching with Steve at BGB absolutely changed my career. He gives me the practical tools and the confidence to book work. His insight, intuition, and passion for the actor’s process make working with him invaluable."

- Daniella Alonso, DYNASTY

"Thank you Risa for reminding us that the only limits that exist are the ones we create for ourselves. It is invigorating, incredibly satisfying work all fueled by the heights you lift us to in our work and the pursuit of our careers. Thank you for caring, thank you for reminding us what is important, and thank you for spreading joy. Grateful is an understatement."

-Yetide Badaki, AMERICAN GODS