8 Week Audition + On-Camera

Ok, you want an 8 week class that gives you the tools to master your auditions and self-tapes. You want to know how to feel free in your auditions, to bring all of your creativity and talent to your auditions, and BOOK more.

These classes are for YOU!

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Explore our 8 Week Audition + On-Camera Classes BELOW and choose the one that's the best fit!

The Audition/Self-Tape Prep & Practice Online

Establish a strong foundation in your auditions + self-tapes.

The Audition/Workout

Empower your Auditions and your Career.

The Audition/Self-Tape Prep & Practice

Level up your auditions + self-tapes.

The New Work

The work is different and you want to up your game.

The Advanced  MasterClass

Transcend the audition and book work through artistry.

The Advanced Audition MasterClass

Master your auditions + self-tapes.

The Advanced  Audition MasterClass

Master your auditions + self-tapes.

The Audition  Revolution

Reignite Your Acting Power.

Wait! There's more...

Ongoing Audition + On-Camera