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A LIVE 75 minute Zoom workshop with Risa and Steve. The path to audition and self-tape success.

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Friday, June 9th at 1pm Pacific

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The BGB Actors Summit is a LIVE 75-minute LIVE workshop in our Online Studio with Risa and Steve for $6.99 USD.

On Friday, June 9th at 1pm Pacific time, Risa & Steve will reveal…

How To Find Opportunities During An Industry Slow Down (And YES, There Are Opportunities!)

The Industry has slowed down (which it often does). But that doesn’t have to mean that YOU slow down with it! When things get slow, you have to shift, not stop.

And having been through this before, we know that there are specific actions that actors MUST take in order to stay open to the opportunities that are available (and there are opportunities!) AND stay in top artistic shape so that when things pick up YOU are first in line, ready to go!

And we’re going to tell you what those actions are! How do you book the big jobs and do meaningful acting work, even during an industry slow down.

What does it take to carve out an acting career when the Industry is slow? What are those successful actors doing right now that others are not? The answers aren’t easy. They’re not quick. But there ARE real answers (And most people aren’t talking about them!)

If you’re done wondering what you’re not doing, feeling lost, stressed, and burdened in the pursuit of work during uncertain times; if you have the capacity to hear some hard truths about the business and the art, this BGB Actors Summit is for you!

And all you have to do is SHOW UP on June 9, 2023. That’s it.  

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