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Donal logue


"Risa was able to make me, an agent-less, essentially credit-less actor at the time, ask the question — Why not me? She recognized the artist in me, brought it out, and helped me never to be intimidated by external circumstances that have nothing to do with what we do as artists."

Simon Quarterman


"The BGB Studio has had a profound effect, not only in my work but in my life. It’s been quite frankly life-changing."

Rebekah ward

chicago fire

"The Studio and your warm welcome and the people I've come to know in class and the WORK we has connected me to That which is greater - greater than the sprawl, greater than the nerves of being new, greater than agent reroutes and cockroaches and traffic. The two of you have helped to articulate - and rung the bell in ME - why we do what we do and that we have no choice but to do it. It has helped to demystify the business and bring myself to it with more leadership, confidence, and humanity. Your passion - and compassion - for this craft and those who practice is startling."

yetide badaki

American gods

"Thank you Risa for reminding us that the only limits that exist are the ones we create for ourselves. It is invigorating, incredibly satisfying work, all fueled by the heights you lift us to. Thank you for caring, thank you for reminding us what is important and thank you for spreading joy and empowerment. Grateful is an understatement."

daniella  alonso


"Training with Steve at BGB absolutely changed my career. He gives me the practical tools and the confidence to book work. His insight, intuition, and passion for the actor’s process make working with him invaluable."