The BGB Studio is coming to Atlanta!

Steve Braun is bringing the Audition Revolution back to Atlanta!!

The Audition Revolution

This may shock you…

But we’re not interested in helping you book your next co-star.

“Wait, what? Isn’t it all about booking work?”
We know that Atlanta actors are in demand and right now and there are amazing opportunities to book work. And that’s great! But what we’ve done for years in Los Angeles is build successful acting careers.

We offer the kind of transformational guidance that leads to consistent creative and professional success. Co-stars and guest stars are fine. But a consistent, thriving acting career is the target. And it IS achievable! The BGB Studio’s Atlanta Audition Revolution offers hard-core practical audition advice, an approach to your audition scenes that separates you from the pack, and champion-level skills that let you manage anything that is holding you back from achieving the career of your dreams.

One day workshop - Saturday, November 12

Class Details


Steve Braun and Jeff Schine

Class Dates:

Saturday Workshop - Saturday, Nov 12, 10am - 6pm


$250/full day


Pinch 'N' Ouch Theatre
195 Arizona Ave NE w1
Atlanta, GA 30307
(Located in Arizona Lofts Condominiums)

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Being on the ground in the Industry in LA and beyond, we are bringing our career-changing training to Atlanta. We invite you to be part of a transformational day of career-changing work.

Steve Braun and BGB have revolutionized auditioning and helped thousands of actors find their ease, presence, power, and aliveness in the audition, self-tape, and on-set process.

It’s time for you to bring the full force of your unique talent into all the work you do. It’s time to claim your place in the Industry. No matter where you are in your career, now is the time to do the work that books work.

The Work

What Books Work
We’ll show you the kind of work that books work. And it may not be what you think.

Audition Presence
We’ll give you the tools to push past audition nerves so that you can fully show up.

We’ll show you how to translate your talent to the camera.

The Self Tape
We’ll tell you ow to master the self-tape so that you can actually book jobs from your tapes, time and time again.

The Industry
We’ll answer your Industry auctions with all the latest Industry intel we have at our fingertips.

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Your Teachers

Steve Braun is an acting coach and communication consultant, drawing on many years of acting training, Buddhist practice and martial arts training to help his clients discover and express their unique emotional truth. He has trained in acting, meditation and martial arts for 25 years, a journey that has taken him from the ego-driven external pursuit of being rich, famous and tough to the powerful internal pursuit of eliminating self through Meditation, Qi Gong and art.

While pursuing an acting career Steve starred in movies such as HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE, WRONG TURN 2 and THE TRIP and was a series regular on THE IMMORTAL and TWINS. He guest starred on CSI: MIAMI, CSI: NY, BONES, GILMORE GIRLS, THE CLOSER, NCIS, and THE MENTALIST, among others.


Whether working with actors, artists of all kinds, or politicians, lawyers and corporate types, Steve’s mission is to help people and organizations discover and express their unique voice and bring the totality of their creative power to their work and their lives.

Jeff Schine has been an actor and voice actor for the last 22 years. Jeff can be seen in film and on television in  “Masters of Sex,” “Extant,” “Seal Team,” “Dynasty,” and others. Of his many projects as a voice actor he is best known for his role in Marvels Avengers as Capt. America, Javier Garcia in Tell Tales “The Walking Dead” and Chris Redfield in “Resident Evil: Village.”

As a working actor, Jeff brings insight and practical knowledge to the approach of acting, and believes it is imperative to create a classroom environment safe enough for actors to feel confident in pushing their own boundaries and engaging in brave, powerful, and honest work.  
Jeff lives in Atlanta with his wife and amazing daughter.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

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"Training with Steve absolutely changed my career. He gives me the practical tools and the confidence to book work. His insight, intuition, and passion for the actor's process make working with him invaluable."

- Daniella Alonso, Dynasty

"I cannot recommend Steve highly enough. He has helped me find my confidence, and I have grown immensely as an actor thanks to his teaching."

- Ahna O’Reilly, Kingdom

"There’s no bullshit with Steve. His approach to the work is straightforward and invigorating. I never want class to end."

- Eddie Cahill, Conviction

"Class with Steve Braun is like finding out how to truly just BE. And it's from that spot that you feel comfortable enough to take risks and speak lines from the heart; it's how beautiful acting comes out naturally! This technique has helped me in life as well as in my ability to be a more truthful actor. Thank you Steve!"

- Aisha Alfa, DEGRASSI

"I cannot express enough the difference Steve’s class has made in my abilities as an actor and the impact it has had on my life. Thank you Steve, from the bottom of my heart."

- Anna Silk, LOST GIRL