How do I apply? Can I just apply via Email?

There is no audition process for any class. We look forward to getting to know you by reading your application and reviewing your materials.

Our application process is all online and Risa and Steve review every application thoroughly. You can choose what kind of class you may be looking for, from our 6 & 8 Week or our Ongoing monthly classes, on Zoom or In-Studio. Once you click the “Apply Now” button on a specific class page, you’ll land on the page with our information where you can tell us more specifically what kind of class you’re interested in, answer the questions thoughtfully, and upload your resume, headshot, and links to your reel or related clips, (If you don’t have a reel: self-tapes, taped scenes, or selfie videos are fine). Your completed form will give Risa and Steve an idea of who you are and what you believe you need right now in your training. We will get back to you within 2-3 business days with our suggestions. We value the time and effort that got you here and your application is a reflection of that. This is why we only process your information form this way, unless you’ve recently been in class with us and we can refer to a recent information form.

If you’re interested in more than one kind of class, just let us know in your information form which other classes (or kinds of classes) interest you. Find your BGB class here!

Are classes online or in-person?

Some classes are in person at The BGB Studio in North Hollywood, while others are conducted Online on Zoom. See our class schedule for more information.

When I apply for a class, how do you decide if I'm in? Do I audition?

There is no audition needed to apply for any class. Every information form is carefully reviewed by Risa and Steve, and class suggestions are made based on your availability, interest, and experience, indicated on your form, as well as a review of your materials. Risa and Steve will offer what they believe to be the best fit for you. They’ve been at this a long time and have a strong sense of where you’ll be best challenged and find growth and support.

But it starts with you. Let us know what kind of class or classes speak to you, and then continue to answer each question of the form as honestly and thoroughly as you can. Together we will find the best class fit.

What is the cost of class and what's the payment schedule?

We offer two main types of classes:

6 & 8 Week: For varying price points, actors may participate in a 6 OR 8 Week class. Class rates vary and are indicated on each 6 & 8 Week class page.

Ongoing Classes: Cost of $295/month.

Is there level progression from one class to another?

To keep classes as rewarding as possible for everyone, classes will be suggested to you according to your experience, schedule, and interest. Some of our Ongoing classes are by invitation only, due to the nature of the work and the shorthand developed over time by working consistently with our BGB Master Teachers. In every case, though, we aim to find the best class fit for every actor and will meet you where you are on your journey. While some progressive, tiered “programs” (in which actors are “advanced” to the next level) may have their advantages, our focus is on the evolution of each individual actor and our commitment to you doing the deep work of exploration, discovery, and growth.

How do I get to work with Risa and Steve?

Risa and Steve teach their own Ongoing and 6/8 Week classes, and guest teach in other 6 & 8 Week classes. Our classes are listed on exclusive pages on our website with primary and guest BGB Master Teachers. identified on each class page. Visit our class pages here.

Each of Risa and Steve’s Ongoing classes are often full, so we will make alternative suggestions when there is no room or the waitlists are limited.

You do not have to have taken a specific class before joining one of Risa or Steve’s Ongoing classes, but actors often move into Ongoing class from a 6 & 8 Week class taught by Risa or Steve. All our Teachers are aligned with Risa and Steve’s values and have their own powerful practices and workouts that speak to many of our actors. We encourage you to dive into the materials on each of our incredible BGB Master Teachers.

Our current available classes are here.

Steve and Risa also do one-on-one coaching for your career, life or audition — which is scheduled by appointment only. Learn more about coaching options here.

What is the difference between a 6 or 8 Week class and
an Ongoing class?

A 6 & 8-Week class has a definitive start and end date. It follows the arc and trajectory of that class’s specific theme and journey, and might include a few different BGB Master Teachers to give the class a well-rounded approach and set of practices that all speak to BGB’s values. Occasionally we will offer a weekend workshop.

Ongoing Classes meet 4x/month in an Ongoing practice in the work. The BGB Studio recommends a minimum commitment of 3 months for actors applying for an Ongoing practice, and we are always understanding that it has to feel like the right fit. We simply want you to understand that our Ongoing classes are intimate class communities that build over time, and the work is best served when approaching the work in the spirit of a continued practice.

Do you offer audits so I can see the work before I apply?

We value the vulnerable, intimate, and sensitive environment that deep work and growth requires in order to develop in class- even in the virtual space- so we do not offer audits to anyone who is simply interested in “checking us out.” To satisfy the curiosity of actors who are interested in joining class and our BGB community, we offer our BGB Virtual Actors Summit with Risa and Steve – a forum that is open to all actors around the world via Zoom. This open group setting gives actors the opportunity to learn more about BGB’s values and how we define real career success, as well as give you a feel for the Studio, Risa and Steve, our teachers, and the classes we offer. The Actors Summit runs 75 minutes with a Q&A portion at the end. To learn more and reserve your spot at the next BGB Actors Summit, click HERE. If you still have questions about classes or the Studio after exploring our website, feel free to email us at

We also have our BGB SIT-DOWN, a FREE 1 HOUR TALK with Risa and one of our Master Teachers, Sydney Walsh, IN-PERSON at our Studio in North Hollywood. Find out how we work, what's important to us, and why our approach to the Industry, auditioning, career building, craft, and artistic leadership helps actors at every level of the business. And you get to let us know what matters to you, what you're looking for, and how we can best serve that here at the Studio. To learn more and reserve your spot at the next BGB Sit-Down, click HERE. If you still have questions about classes or the Studio after exploring our website, feel free to email us at

How many actors are in each class? Do we work every week?

Class size varies between 12-18 actors to ensure that every actor gets an opportunity to work each class. When our teachers have a shorthand with actors with whom they’ve worked over several years, an Ongoing class size can increase slightly, but classes are kept to that range to ensure that every actor works in each class at least once, if not more!

How do you choose your teachers?

Many of our teachers come from within our amazing BGB community. Each of our BGB Master Teachers is an accomplished, experienced, working Industry professional with extensive training and an outstanding working background. Having developed strong relationships with people in the Industry for 40+ years, Risa and Steve also bring in guest artists and professionals from outside the BGB community who are uniquely qualified to offer specialized skills and perspectives to many of our classes. Every teacher at BGB is aligned with our values and practices, and shares our commitment to our actors and the work!

Where do class material/scene selections come from?

Material comes from a number of sources which vary from class to class. Scenes may be selected by your BGB Master Teachers, a compiled list of resources shared by the Studio, and you may bring in scenes that you find or even write yourself (yes, our actors write their own scenes!). BGB Ongoing Actors have exclusive access to our BGB Co-Op Library Dropbox which hosts hundreds of scripts and scenes to use in class. We believe that finding, transcribing, and writing scenes on your own grows choice-making and leadership skills, and, beyond that, fosters the creation of your own work.

Is my scene/work recorded and how can I watch the clips?

Scenes, audition work, created work, or other work can be recorded from class-to-class, depending on the focus of class that week, and always at the discretion of your teacher. Your clips are posted in a Dropbox folder specifically for you to watch and study outside of class. A private link to the class Dropbox folder is shared with you after each class, usually within 48 hours. Confidentiality is important to us and it is expressly prohibited to share or use any footage in any way beyond the class program.

Do we work outside of class?

Some outside preparation will be required for certain assignments, either in picking scenes, preparing material or doing a writing exercise. Other class units require no outside preparation. Generally, we do not encourage actors to meet and rehearse together outside of class, unless they are working on material they’ve written or workshopped together for a particular class project.

How many teachers are in a multi-teacher class? How does this work?

We are lucky to have so many talented, experienced Master Teachers as part of our BGB community, and we celebrate each of their unique backgrounds and styles. We know that there is no “one way” to do anything, and in that spirit, our 6 & 8 Week Classes are led primarily by one BGB Master Teacher with a couple of additional teachers included on your journey to guide you in various techniques and practices.

What do I do after I finish a 6 or 8 Week class?

After your 6 or 8 week class, we anticipate you’ll have a sense of what you need or want to work on. Many of our 6 or 8 week actors go on to enroll in our Ongoing classes or sign up for additional to continue their practice! We always have new classes in the works so check our main class page to see where your next journey will take you.

With over 40 years in the Industry, experience tells us that actors who are consistently attending to their artistic life every day and continuing to hone their craft are the ones who are ready for whatever the Industry throws at them. Working out in class every week is a significant way to stay in shape and work consistently.

Do you cover the technical aspects of auditioning (camera placement, eye-lines, slating, etc.)? What about how to memorize and break down a script? And what about audition nerves?

Our classes cover all aspects of auditioning, both the technical and non-technical, and especially in this new normal where auditions, callbacks, even table reads, will be taking place over Zoom or comparable platforms, for the time being. Whether it’s the emotional prep (or pressure!) you experience throughout the process, or the skills needed to manage in the audition or your self-tape, our audition classes are designed to bring you back to the real work that affects the casting team – however they’re watching your work. We believe that when you come back to specificity, to a bold personal connection, and to the heart of your work, everything else falls into place and your auditions become collaborative, successful experiences.

What if I'm a theatre actor and want to learn how to act for the camera?

Fortunately, truth-telling is truth-telling, and your work in the theatre translates to your work on-camera if you come back to the core of it, no matter what. With both in-Studio and Zoom classes, all of our audition, self-tape, on-camera classes are a form of on-camera practice in which you become more comfortable and trust your talent- whether there’s a camera there or not. The camera does its work really well, and our work is to guide you to trust yourself and let the camera take care of the rest. If you are looking for an audition-centric focus, be sure to indicate that in your information form.

Do you offer make-up classes?

Ongoing Class actors ONLY who have legitimate scheduling issues that they know ahead of time, or who find themselves too sick to attend class with at least a 24-hour notice. We treat class as a priority and expect actors enrolled in class to make every effort to attend.

For more information on our Make-Up and payment policies, please click HERE for Ongoing Classes or HERE for 6 & 8-Week Classes & Workshops.

How do I get career coaching?

Risa and Steve offer one-on-one Career and Life Coaching by appointment. Visit our Coaching page for more information and to book a session. Please note that all coaching sessions are conducted via FaceTime or Zoom until further notice.

What does it mean to be an Ongoing BGB Actor? What is the BGB Community?

We know how important community is for every actor’s success and happiness. By training in an Ongoing class, you become part of a special community that cares for actors and offers holistic opportunities that lead to real growth.

Beyond your Ongoing weekly acting practice, Ongoing actors are often offered high-quality free and discounted events and classes. By being an Ongoing BGB Actor, you are part of a community of bold, talented artists, meeting and working together consistently, every week, every month. And being in a community with like-minded artists is important now more than ever.

What is your Covid-safety/vaccination policy? 

Mask wearing is optional inside the Studio and based on each actor's individual choice. We reserve the right to return to a mask mandatory situation at any time to protect the health and safety of our community. We will always prioritize the health and safety of our BGB community and are continually evaluating the safety of in-person classes based on CDC, local and state guidelines. 

Do you have a work/study program or scholarship?

We do offer work-study or scholarships to actors who have demonstrated a strong commitment to their training and significant personal or financial hardship. Further inquiry can be directed to