Becoming In-Studio

with Mike Faiola

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Mike Faiola

Class Dates:

Mondays, 6:30 - 10pm Pacific time


This is an ongoing class that meets 4x per month, every month. A long-term practice mindset is recommended.

Ideal for:

Experienced actors looking for a strong weekly workout in a consistent, long-term artistic practice, and interested in creating their own work. A space to be in process.


$295 US/month for four classes per month. **There are no refunds, substitutes, transfers, audits or deferments for any classes.  (Cancellation Policy) (Covid Safety Policy) 


In person at The BGB Studio in LA.

YOU are your most valuable currency.

While there is a gnawing temptation to play a character or approach a scene in the way you think the gatekeepers want it played, the most compelling approach is the most personal one. You do not need to reach outside of yourself to find an inroad to a character. You are enough.

Your own life and experiences will inform an authentic connection to work that is singular and unique to you. And, whether or not your version of a character or scene aligns with the gatekeepers’, it will be moving, affecting, and honest… which will inch that gate open in a way that favors you both personally and professionally. 

We believe that the bold expression of your unique emotional truth allows all of us – casting directors, directors, producers and regular folks all over the world – to feel the deep, human connection that is essential for a meaningful, creative life.

We believe that achieving career success comes when you surrender yourself to this bold expression.

We believe that the world is waiting for your voice. 

Led by Mike Faiola, with full commitment and passion, Becoming is an ongoing artistic home for the actor seeking to deepen and clarify their own unique creative voice by exploring it through a variety of the mediums that comprise a full spectrum of work for screen and stage. Here you’re reminded that creative work is FUN. It can be scary, challenging, and triggering, to be sure. But we tend to do our best work when we feel loose, safe, empowered, and are not being overly precious about ourselves and our choices.

And here is where you take ownership of the work you put out into the world. Work you inhabit. Work you create. Perhaps most importantly, it is a safe space for you to come back to and inhabit the fullest version of yourself every week, in collaboration with a fellowship of like-minded artists. 

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Your Teacher

The work...

A space to be in process.

In addition to scene study work, class members experiment with writing, directing, and the creation of original pieces with the intention of developing trust in and illuminating the power of their personal points of view.

This ongoing weekly practice includes scene work, on-camera work (audition and self-tape prep and practice), and prompts to inspire the fullest expression of each actor’s original voice.

As your guide, Mike creates an atmosphere that instills in actors a sense of freedom and elation in the work and, ultimately, the practice to embrace the aspects of themselves that lie on the other side of resistance. A sense of inclusion, safety, and respect is the hallmark of community that grows out of the class.

"I am blown away with how Mike runs his class: with empathy, with tangible, valuable insight into the material he is teaching, and with laser focus."

- Nicholas Harsin, S.W.A.T.

"I’m so lucky to have worked with Mike. He’s incredibly generous as a director, writer, and actor. He coaches with confidence and candor while still including you as a collaborator. There’s an immediate trust there and it goes both ways. It takes real artistic intelligence to look into the heart of a scene or a story and have the guts to tell it like it is, fearlessly and boldly, but first and foremost, with compassion and honesty. Mike does this with ease."


"Mike- Thank you for another wonderful class last night! Each week I’m consistently amazed by the creative risks each person takes. The community of support and trust you all have built is so so special and I feel lucky to be a part of it. Thank you for making every single class a creative adventure!"

-Megan McKenzie, STAY

"I am so fortunate to have Mike as a guide in class. His commitment level as a teacher goes above and beyond. He is so invested in every single actor, giving of himself fully and open-heartedly. Mike delivers constructive feedback every time, while always remaining supportive and encouraging — but never coddling. There is no limit to his creativity and outside-the-box thinking, and he is an absolute joy to collaborate with. He gives 110% in every class (as well as offering availability outside of class), and his energy is infectious."

  - Cadden Jones, FBI: MOST WANTED  

"The Becoming crew is a phenomenal group of dedicated and supportive, artists steeped in willingness, honesty, joy and exploration led by the incomparable Mike Faiola. Onward Becoming!!!"


This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

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