Make-up, Attendance,
+ Cancellation Policy
for Ongoing Classes

In order to offer the highest quality class environment for all of our actors, we ask that you read our attendance, cancellation, and make-up policies carefully.

Payments + Attendance for Ongoing classes:

1. You are required to pay for the full month of classes in full before or by the first day of each month in order to guarantee your spot, no matter what day your class starts that month. Once you’ve paid for a full month of an ongoing class, there are no deferments, transfers, or refunds. You may generate a make-up class, outlined below if you anticipate missing an ongoing class.

2. There are no pro-rated months. All monthly payments are expected to be made for the full 4 weeks of that month’s class, unless it is a 3 class month. If you know that you cannot attend all 4 (or 3) classes, you can make-up one (1) of the classes for that month. See our make-up policy below.

3. If you intend to take a leave of absence, even for 1 month, please notify BGB immediately that you’re not attending that that upcoming month so that we can fill that spot in class.

If you take time off from an on-going class, your seat is not guaranteed when you return due to space and availability. You must notify BGB of your intended return in order to secure a spot in class, should one be available. 


Make-up classes are offered as a courtesy for ongoing class actors ONLY who have legitimate scheduling issues that they know ahead of time, or find themselves too sick to attend class with at least 24 hour notice. We anticipate that class is a priority for you and that you’ll make every effort to attend. To be eligible for a make-up, BGB must be contacted no less than one day (24 hours) prior to your missing class by email: Even if you call us or tell us in person or tell your TA or teacher, you must email us in order to be eligible for the makeup class. You must also email or text your class TA so that they can make arrangements for the class you are missing.

1. You are entitled to one (1) make-up per month if you have signed up and paid for an entire month of an ongoing class.

2. You will be offered 1-2 make-up selections (depending on what we have on our upcoming make-up class schedule)- on Zoom- if you ask for one at the time of notification of your missed class (which is before the missed class), assigned at the discretion of The BGB Studio. You cannot notify us on the day of a missed class and receive a make-up. Nor can you miss a class and then request a make-up after your 24 hour notification. Nor can you miss a class and then request a make-up after the missed class.

3. These make-up classes are specifically designed for ongoing actors who have missed one of their regularly scheduled classes. Makeups are not part of your current ongoing class schedule.

4. If you know that you have conflicts at the time of your request, please identify those and we will keep that in mind when offering you a make-up. Our make-up classes happen on Zoom every 3 months, so we cannot guarantee that we can work around limited schedules when we offer you 1-2 of the available upcoming make-up classes.

5. Once you confirm your make-up class with the Studio, there are no substitutions. There will be no further obligation to provide a make-up class once we’ve made reasonable attempts to offer a suitable substitution for your missed class.

6.  When you are given a make-up class, please know that you’re considered to be a part of the class to which you’re assigned. We and the teachers are counting on your attendance. If you cannot attend that make-up class, it’s imperative that you notify the Studio immediately. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

7. There are NO make-ups, substitutions, refunds, or deferments for any 5 or 8 week classes.