Sydney Walsh

Sydney Walsh is an actor, director, teacher, and private coach, with television, film, and theatre credits dating back to 1985. She has contributed to multiple theatre companies, including Plymouth (founding member, c. 1998), and has trained actors of all ages, including as a faculty member and primary instructor at The Acting Corps from 2006-2018. Her directing credits have taken her to the LA Fringe, as a director of Bill Ratner’s-Voices in My Head and to The South Pasadena Theatre Workshop where she has directed productions of The Seagull, Hay Fever and 39 Steps.


Sydney has an IMDb page, check it out here!

As an actor, Sydney has enjoyed a long, continuous career, with favorite credits that include HOOPERMAN (series regular), the original POINT BREAK, VIETNAM WAR STORIES on HBO (for which she was an Ace Award Winner for best supporting actress), CHEERLEADER MURDERS, NIP/TUCK, ER, and the list goes on.

Sydney’s gifts as a teacher draw on her extensive experience working on stage, in front of the camera, and as a director. It is her joy and mission to share the tools and insights she’s gained in order to train, prepare, and direct actors in the service of practicing their craft, boldly interpreting material, and creating a safe and wonderfully challenging container for the work. She loves to teach and we are privileged to have her join us as a Master Teacher at The BGB Studio.

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"Risa was able to make me, an agent-less, essentially credit-less actor at the time, ask the question — Why not me? She recognized the artist in me, brought it out, and helped me never to be intimidated by external circumstances that have nothing to do with what we do as artists."

- Donal Logue, GOTHAM

"Risa stresses the two most important and most often overlooked components of acting, CONNECTION and INTENTION. Within a few days after taking her master class I walked into an audition for ONE TREE HILL and thought to myself, “just connect with the reader,” needless to say… I booked the job and I’ve been on the show ever since. Whether you are just starting out or have been around for a while… this training is invaluable."

- Joe Manganiello, MAGIC MIKE

"Risa is a woman with knowledge, history, experience, language, depth... and balls. I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity to work with this extraordinary woman. My life is richer for the time I’ve spent with her."

- Pamela Adlon, BETTER THINGS

"Because of Risa Bramon Garcia, I’ve worked with Oliver Stone, booked four Series Regular roles, and done theater in New York… and I am an LA based actor. With her there are no limits. She will bring out talents and confidence you didn’t even know you had. Do you want to work? Study with Risa. She will change you as an actor."

- Andy Lauer, IRON MAN 3

"Thank you Risa for reminding us that the only limits that exist are the ones we create for ourselves. It is invigorating, incredibly satisfying work all fueled by the heights you lift us to in class. Thank you for caring, thank you for reminding us what is important and thank you for spreading joy. Grateful is an understatement."

- Yetide Badaki, AMERICAN GODS

"Risa loves actors. What a relief to enter a room with a casting director that wants to put you in the best possible place and head space to do your job. This is not to say she is going to take care of the actor’s ego. That’s not her style. She sets the tone like a professional peer ready to collaborate with the actor. She doesn’t want to hear apologies or excuses, she wants to help you get to a place where together you create a moment or series of moments that are fearless, honest, and personal to you. She knows how to maintain that elevated edge the actor needs to step up to, and hopefully jump off of. Risa will not be there to catch them but she will be the most receptive witness of the actors' plunge. And she creates an electric room for those plunges to happen.”


"Through Risa’s coaching at The BGB Studio I discovered what it truly means to be focused and centered. In a business in which your To Do List will never be complete, she taught me to remain present in every moment and not worry about what is next. My passion and love for our Industry has been reborn. Thank you, Risa!"

- Jason Clodfelter, Co-President, SONY PICTURES TELEVISION

"My experience with Risa is one of the most profound I have ever had as an actor. She helped me understand the basic principles of being true to a character in terms of finding the crisis. Her insights have changed how I audition, how I tackle this Industry, and not only how I see myself but more importantly how I believe in myself. Risa has a quality in her coaching that reaches in and pulls out the best in the individual. I am indebted to her for making such a powerful change in my approach to acting.”

- Amy Jennings, A PLACE AMONG THE DEAD  

"Training with Steve at BGB absolutely changed my career. He gives me the practical tools and the confidence to book work. His insight, intuition, and passion for the actor’s process make working with him invaluable."

- Daniella Alonso, DYNASTY 

"Steve Braun has been my teacher for 4 years, and his presence in the room every week is unlike any other teacher. He is allergic to the labels of the acting teacher. His class is a place where egos are murdered at the door, and that goes for his own ego, too. I have seen so many actors have intense personal breakthroughs in the space he creates. He never inserts his desire to control or mold an actor, yet his presence, questions, and ability to hold a safe space allow actors to completely unfold and break down in the most organic way I’ve ever seen. He shines a gentle light on the actor, and it is up to the actor to look down and acknowledge what’s happening within themselves, on their own time."


"Class with Steve Braun is like finding out how to truly just BE. And it's from that spot that you feel comfortable enough to take risks and speak lines from the heart; it's how beautiful acting comes out naturally! This technique has helped me in life as well as in my ability to be a more truthful actor. Thank you Steve!"

- Aisha Alfa, DEGRASSI

"Steve has such a keen sense of the human experience and is able to convey his observations and relate them to the process of acting in such a sensitive yet point blank way. I have benefited greatly from his coaching."

- Dave Baez, DEXTER  

"Effective. Generous. Ingenious. Thanks to Steve my work is deeper, more expansive and powerfully authentic. He creates a space in class that encourages and ignites explosive truth, possibility and heart."

- Toni Christopher, 20TH CENTURY WOMEN

"Steve's class has helped me develop and acknowledge the knife edge emotional responses that represent the truth of each moment in both acting and life. This work never gets boring. It is truly magical."

- Adrian Neblett, SUPERNATURAL 

"Steve watches for your tells and pitfalls so that you can do your OWN work to navigate past them. My work has never felt so honest. He fosters no hero worship. It's not about Steve. It's about the work."

- Jill Alexander, SILICON VALLEY

"It may sound dramatic, but Steve's class truly changed my life. It did so, because it changed my career. Steve's class, like BGB as a whole, focuses on the creative work in the room without ignoring the issues the ‘Industry’ presents to actors. In the room Steve has an inherent ability to empower each actor. I have never felt more confident, more unique, and more capable of finding the truth in my work. And in a practical sense I have been booking about three times as much over the past year with Steve than my previous 3 years in LA!"

- Michael Scott Allen, THE MINDY PROJECT 

"I love the way Gillian guides me through a scene, rather than simply directing me. Working with her feels like a collaboration, where the focus is on bringing the most me to the work. She's kind, patient, and professional, easy to relate to, and as curious and devoted an artist as you'll ever meet. Her insights enhance my work, never overwhelm it, and I would recommend her to anyone!"

- Elisabeth Howser, SUITS

"I’ve been in so many classrooms including conservatory, on camera and scene studies and  I am so happy that I found someone I can trust. Alexandra is smart, knows how to help you with your instrument and your mind blocks. She will help you be the most free and confident self as you work with her. Also, she is a pretty amazing human being."

- Alyssa Kim, DAVE

"Alex Wright is always the right choice for me.  Puns aside, Alex has been the most influential person in my short career.  From the most challenging auditions, to career advice, to just chatting about the craft and ways to get better, Alex is the best.  I couldn't have gotten so far in my short time in this craft without her."

- Nick Clements

"Alex will change your life. Learning from someone who is passionate, diligent, intentional, and out-of-this-world talented has brought me so much joy and inspiration. It is such a gift to feed off her energy: she truly walks the walk! She has this magical intuitive sense of how to help actors dig deeper and find every nuance in a role. She's well-trained and highly knowledgeable, but what makes her unique is her generous heart: she empowers her students and supports them as whole artists and humans."

- Julia Belanova, SAND IN MY SHOES

"Alex’s coaching was a turning point in my acting career. Not only did she help improve my skills, but also my work ethic and confidence. If you want to grow as an actor, both professionally and artistically, I recommend Alex Wright. The extent of her knowledge and experience is beyond inspiring. Thank you Alex for all of your support and kindness!"


"Her notes are direct and practical.  I've had A LOT of teachers along the way, and there's simply no one alive who teaches/directs the way she does.”

- Michael Morello, LOSING TRACK

"Alexandra Wright is amazing!!!!! Everything she teaches is Gold!”

- Xiomara Bernard, FIRSTNESS

"Eric B. Anthony has a way of prodding at your soul with the right amount of respect and love to get the artist to open up and speak their truth. He doesn’t let anyone off the hook in meaning what they say and saying what they mean. Taking class with Eric was a confidence-building refresher in what it means to be an artist."

- Ashley Denise Robinson, SANDBOX

"Eric creates a space for actors to explore the beauty living within themselves. He listens deeply, supports each student’s journey, and plants seeds that get your imagination working in new ways."


"Working with Eric was so healing & refreshing. It was just what I needed. He makes you feel at home right away. There’s something so zen & peaceful about Eric & his teaching style that I really appreciated. I walked into his class feeling like the guarded introvert that I am & walked out feeling like my inner child was healed & safe! I’ve never felt that from a class and certainly not ONE class at that. I’ve been trying to get back to his class ever since."

- Ramissa Ma’at, THE CHI

"Eric B. Anthony is a constant vessel of empathy, warmth and love. These qualities along with nurturing come through in his role as a teacher. Anytime I’ve been an artist under his helm I have felt poured into, safe and FREE to express & be myself fully. I look forward with great joy to my next class and artistic experience with Eric."

- Benjamin Welch, TWENTYFIVEISH 

"Eric leads from vulnerability, truth and joy. Everyone who comes into his presence and his guidance leaves more empowered in their work and specific in their choices. Whenever I work with Eric, my scenes are alive and so specifically me. You won’t simply leave his class a better actor and listener. You’ll come out fired up to stake your place in this Industry!!!”

- Nancy Ma, HACKS

"Eric is pure love. That is the simplest way to explain him, and yet it doesn't come close to his warmth, his joy, and his absolute and complete delight in what it means to be an actor and a teacher. Eric will not push you to your limits and break through your barriers. What he will do is reveal your own bravery and strength so you can do it yourself. He is patient, inventive, and collaborative. He always surprises me in the best possible way, either by teaching me something new or by reminding me of something I'd forgotten. I cannot recommend him or his class enough."

- Ashley Diane Currie, SEAL TEAM

"Dom’s talent and big-heartedness have always knocked me out. His delight in the art of teaching is as obvious as his love of acting. He’s insightful and incisive, but in such a charming way (probably the British thing) that it’s easy for an actor to take in. He’s especially adept at bringing out the writer that lives inside every actor. I’d sign up for any class Dom teaches, not just to stay at the top of my game, but for the sheer joy of it."

- Harley Jane Kozak, CHICAGO HOPE

"Dom creates such a warm, open, fostering environment, giving the most amazing writing prompts that truly get you into the writer’s process and structure while igniting your imagination every step of the way. He’s also great about reminding you throughout that it is all a process, something that helped me enormously. I would highly recommend his class to all actors whether you think you want to write or not: it can only amplify your storytelling toolset as an actor, a writer, or both."

- Jimmy Shaw, LA FORTUNA 

"Dominic creates such a safe and fun environment that I felt confident enough to put myself out there completely; to explore, to play, and even fall flat on my face without any self-judgment. I grew a great deal as an artist in a matter of weeks."

- Sylvia Walker, BOND AND BURY

"Dominic Burgess is one of the kindest and most professional people working in the Industry today. His skills as an actor, writer, and teacher are hard to beat. He is incredibly insightful and generous with his time and energy. He is excellent at getting the best out of any actor’s or writer’s hidden talent. If you have the opportunity to take a class with him, don’t miss it."

- Natalie Britton & Kate Hamilton, Producers, QUEEN'S GAMBIT FILMS

"I can’t say enough about this class. If you ever have wanted to write something of your own- a short, a feature, a TV pilot- but haven’t known how to structure your script, TAKE THIS CLASS. I’m a newbie writer but Dom never made me feel that way. He was always prepared (the class is rigorous…you get more than what you pay for!), and he’s so very generous, kind, encouraging and funny! He saw each student for where they WERE and honored that. Grateful for it…thank you!”

- Kerry Sullivan, HOODMAN

"Dominic’s class just blew me away. I’ve never written a scene- I’m more of a short story writer- and writing a script has always overwhelmed me. This class gave me the support, the instruction and the inspiration and I’ve written not one but TWO scenes! Dominic is so encouraging and he breaks down the screenplay basics so brilliantly and so simply to where it’s not overwhelming. I would take this class again! Thank you Dominic!!!"

- Cindy Chavez, GLOW

"By no longer looking to others for validation, but rather finding happiness and fun in the work, I have experienced the freedom to create. I now have ownership in knowing where and how I want to really grow. As a result, my work has improved more in class than the past decade of classes; and newfound confidence is now spilling into other areas of my life. I am forever thankful for Cate"

- Blaine Saunders, THE MIDDLE

"Since I’ve been taking Cate’s class I have seen tremendous growth in my approach to the work. She creates a place where I feel completely safe to play, allowing me the freedom to come to class with every part of me and just simply ‘BE.’ As a result, I approach my work not trying to impress onlookers by making the ‘right’ choices but simply to affect my scene partner. I’m deeply grateful to Cate and The BGB Studio for cultivating an environment conducive to artistic growth."

- Terrell Martin, CATCH

"Working with Cate gives you the license to make bold choices in a scene, and the safe environment to play, make mistakes, and figure out what works for you. I felt instantly empowered to experiment and have fun in my work. Additionally, watching my fellow actors grow in her class was almost as beneficial as getting to do the work myself. Cate is strong and kind–everything I want in an ongoing teacher."


"The gift that Cate gives me every week is a safe space for me to explore and ‘be present’ in my work. It is exciting and refreshing to study with someone who is not only a working actress, but is also in class. Cate’s honesty about her struggles and success is very freeing, and creates that safety. Her insight into how to ‘play’ with a scene helps me to break old patterns and gain new awareness about myself and my instrument. Even more than ‘teaching’, Cate facilitates my growth and flexibility as I do ‘the work.’ Now when I go to auditions and do workshops with casting directors, I feel free to play without worrying about how I’m doing. So fun!"

- Mary Kathleen Gordon, THE REAL O'NEALS 

"Because of Cate, I know I have found a home at BGB to play in the work. A space built on trust, on presence, on acceptance of the moment, to share and get feedback, to fail and laugh, to build my art on my own terms."


"Cate just makes actors better. She's really smart, highly intuitive and understands what it takes to find success in the work and the Industry."

- Steve Braun, BGB Founder

"I couldn’t be more excited! Right now, more than ever, I truly believe timing is everything. When you’ve done the soul searching and deep dives and ready to see things differently. I’m back in BGB class and absolutely in love with it! The simplicity of connection is a golden nugget! I’ve been coaching with Shane and I just booked a recurring on General Hospital!  I’m beyond grateful for your Studio and all that you do to support actors! Thank you 🙏🏼"

- Alice Rietveld, Law and Order: LA

"Shane creates a safe and nurturing space in his classroom where you feel free to play, explore and connect. Through his classes, Shane has given me the tools I need to feel empowered and confident going into the room (or the zoom!). I’ve noticed a significant shift in my work and have re-connected to the joy of the process and the love of the artistry. I leave each class feeling grateful and inspired. Studying at BGB has been the best decision I’ve made. Both on a professional and on a personal level. I’ve never felt more part of a creative community than I do at BGB. And for that, I will be eternally grateful."

- Bre Mueck, SHAMELESS

"Shane doesn’t tell you if you are doing it right or wrong. He offers you “what if’s” and subtle hints that allow you as the actor to figure it out for yourself. His guidance is empowering and helps to rid you of self doubt because you are now doing work that you are proud of.”


"Shane’s teaching carries both the wisdom and gravitas of an experienced master and the lightness and wonder of an eternal student. I appreciate how he approaches each of us with the equanimity of an artist meeting a fellow artist, with a style of gentle pointing-out that empowers us to finesse our performances from the inside. During a time when auditioning has shifted almost fully to self-tape and Zoom, taking Shane’s class gave me a lot of practical experience with observing and modifying my on-camera performance technique. I feel more relaxed and confident approaching my work based on what I learned from Shane and the other actors in his class."

- Carie Kawa, RATCHED

"Shane is passionate, thorough and gentle. His theories have been tested in the cauldron of fast paced, professional film, tv and theatre. They are practical. They work. His script analysis technique is the best I’ve heard of. It will save you hours and embed the material deeply. He is equally comfortable with beginners and experienced professionals. He’s not a guru, he’s a facilitator. He listens."

- Kevin Harrington, WENTWORTH 

"Shane’s kindness and joy through the work helped me focus on his core message– actors need to be present and themselves and… not much else. After working with Shane, I often remind myself, both in auditions and on set, that exactly where I am emotionally and physically is truly enough. He has helped immensely with my anxiety surrounding the Industry side of acting and has allowed my performances to be 100% more truthful."

-Amy Vorpahl, THE NEWSROOM 

"Shane set me on a journey immediately grounded in the work. His approach is rock solid. With him, everything changed."

- Keith Stallworth, THE AWFUL KIND 

"I have been blown away with how Mike runs his class: with empathy, with tangible, valuable insight into the material he was teaching, and with laser focus.”

- Nicholas Harsin, S.W.A.T.

"I am so fortunate to have Mike as a guide in class. His commitment level as a teacher goes above and beyond. He is so invested in every single actor, giving of himself fully and open heartedly. Mike delivers constructive feedback every time, while always remaining supportive and encouraging — but never coddling. There is no limit to his creativity and outside-the-box thinking, and he is an absolute joy to collaborate with. He gives 110% in every class (as well as offering availability outside of class), and his energy is infectious. I hope for many more opportunities to get to work with Mike, both as a teacher and fellow artist."

- Cadden Jones, FBI: MOST WANTED

"I’m so lucky to work with Mike. He’s incredibly generous as a director, writer, and actor. He coaches with confidence and candor while still including you as a collaborator. There’s an immediate trust there and it goes both ways. It takes real artistic intelligence to look into the heart of a scene or a story and have the guts to tell it like it is, fearlessly and boldly, but first and foremost, with compassion and honesty. Mike does this with ease."


"I can’t thank Mike enough for his generous, kind and clear guidance throughout this very special class. I feel really happy and reignited for the first time in a long time. Thank you."

- Julia Valentine Larson, #MILLENNIALS

"I absolutely love this class. There are so many golden nugget take-aways and surprisingly to everyone in the class, working on zoom allowed us to 'zoom' in even more intimately to connecting with your partner & instantly seeing what works. Mike is an excellent, nurturing, giving teacher who created a safe space while upping all of our games. We walked away every week with an ‘A-Ha!’ revelation. The classes were sized just right and everyone was uber-talented and a pleasure to work & learn with."

- Anzu Lawson, CHICAGO MED

"Nancy creates space with such generosity, patience and grace that the outcome for the work is always true authenticity."

- Dre Jackson, THE POLITICIAN 

"I have been lucky enough to have known Nancy as an artist for years. I count myself especially lucky to have experienced her as a teacher. She is sensitive and kind, but also a powerful guide in helping us expand our talent. Her instincts are spot on, her redirects are inspiring. She is a teacher who makes you feel safe and ready to take risks in your work. Nancy is a special spirit in this world, and I am so excited she gets to share that as a teacher. And she truly loves this work."

- Ashley Diane Currie, SEAL TEAM

"Nancy Ma. There aren’t enough beautiful words in the history of words that could help me sum up how I feel about this fierce woman. She’s inspiring. She’s loving. She’s a powerhouse. And she’s an absolutely amazing teacher. She offers up such vulnerability and honesty in her guidance which constantly leaves me wanting more. Your life and career will be blessed taking class with her."


"Corey Parker’s instinct, support, and expertise as a coach have been invaluable to me as a working actor. I strive to always be a student of the craft and he always takes me to a new level of specificity. He has been instrumental in my preparation for character work and for script analysis. Corey always helps me find the truth. His coaching has been a blessing to me."

- Annaleigh Ashford, MASTERS OF SEX

"Corey Parker is one of the best teachers anywhere. He has helped in every way as an acting coach. It is a delicate job working with actors. It is part therapy, part technician, and part preparing for flight. I believe one of the reasons Corey is so great is because for so many years of his life he was acting himself, with integrity, truth and depth."

- Sherilyn Fenn, TWIN PEAKS

"Corey Parker's understanding of humanity and the craft of acting is astounding. He's masterful at serving the needs of the actor regardless of their skill set. He is incredibly intuitive, sensitive and nurturing. I believe these to be essential traits for an effective teacher and coach. Studying with Corey inspired me to start from a place of joy and love of acting, to dig deeper, to explore the boundless possibilities and to risk it all for my artistry. I'm proud to call him teacher, mentor, brother, and friend. He's the real deal."

- Shaun Baker, VIP

"Corey is an exceptional teacher. I not only grew tremendously in his class, but also really found the joy in my work again. I have my MFA and have been to several studios in Los Angeles, but I have never before had a more intuitive and specific teacher than Corey. He possesses a magical ability of taking care of actors while helping them find their voice and what they uniquely bring to a set of sides."

- Lexa Gluck, LEGION 

"Corey Parker is a true artist. His intelligence, emotional life and creativity are formidable. It is Corey Parker who trusted me as a teacher and recommended me to Nicole Kidman whom I have coached for the past 20 years. I am returning the favor to all actors who seek great coaching. Take my advice and seize the opportunity to have a genuine genius to guide you on your path."

- Susan Batson, Acting Coach

"If finding the humanity on the page, discovering how your character serves the story and bringing your authenticity and unique instrument to the work is crucial for you, Corey should be your go-to coach. He brings to the process a laser precise talent for helping you find the human behaviour necessary for the actor´s contribution to storytelling with any material. And to top it all his generosity of spirit and immense respect for the actor’s process is hugely empowering. Don’t hesitate, his enormous talent and wisdom are gifts you cannot afford to pass up."

- Jimmy Shaw, LA FORTUNA

"I cherish every opportunity that I get to work with Corey. The way that he is able to guide an actor into deeper exploration of their character is always so exciting and revelatory. The permission he offers his actors- that you won't always have the answers right then and there in the moment- is always a great reminder, as he quotes, ‘The process is the approach and not the result.’"

- Mildred Marie Langford, CHICAGO MED

"Ashley Rideaux’s gentle and playful style of teaching really brings out the best in her students. Digging into my personal creative history was an eye-opening exercise in understanding the building blocks of my artistic house. I don’t think I ever left her class with dry eyes- Ashley is able to open her heart and plug right into ours to bring out our very best."

- Ashley Denise Robinson, SANDBOX

"Ashley makes you feel both safe and free at the same time. Through guided meditation or breathing exercises, she sets a grounding, calm tone for class that can be used pre-audition or anytime there’s anxiety. She’s also not afraid to get to the heart of the scene or find what’s holding an actor back from being their fully alive, creative, UNIQUE selves. My favorite quote of hers: ‘You’re the sky, everything else is just weather.’ I wish I had her as a teacher years ago!"

- Carrie Poyer, TUMBLEWEED

"Ashley has a gift for coaxing artists into their vulnerability. She guides you to dig deeper into who you are as an artist and a person. As an artist, vulnerability is so intertwined with who you are and your work. When you discover what you’re hiding or not confronting, knowingly or unknowingly, it takes your work as an artist deeper to another level – if you allow it. It allows you to be present with who you are and what you offer to the world. Ashley takes you on that journey with sincerity, ease, and care. And I will never be the same because of it."


"I just want to gush about Ashley. She’s honestly one of the best teachers I’ve had for any subject. Her patience, focus, warmth, and snap creativity are remarkable, as is her ability to both guide AND accept her students’ visions, moving within them to foster growth instead of attempting to change, erase, or otherwise control the art that’s being created. I look forward to class every week because I know it’s a space where the risks I take will be welcomed and appreciated, which for me is everything as I go about honing my skills and bringing my voice into the film Industry."


"Over the past three years, I have had the fortune to watch, learn, and experience the magical human that is Ashley Rideaux. She is a natural born leader who guides with an open heart. Ashley courageously offers her vulnerability to facilitate a space for all to find their strength, their beauty, and their spirit. She continuously helps me find the power in being gentle, kind, and loving to oneself, both in life, and in the work. Working with Ashley always promises to be truthful, fun, and alive. She is an incredible actor who I always study while working. When people ask me about her, I gladly say, ‘She can do it all and make it look easy. She’s the acting class’s Meryl Streep!’ Working with Ashley has brought me closer to the truth within myself and helped me bring that truth into my work. I am forever grateful."


"I absolutely adore Ashley as a model human being as well as a powerful teacher. I always feel like she really sees and hears me, helping me explore how to make the work specific to me, resulting in a deeper personal connection with the material. I’m always excited to work with Ashley because she consistently pushes me to make bolder, more specific choices, further developing my voice and authenticity in my own artistry.

- Katie Gibbons, THE FUSE

"I’m so grateful to Sydney for inspiring me with her incredible belief and spirit. She’s dedicated, generous, and full of creativity in her ideas of where a scene and character can go. Thank you, Syd, for being the warmest of teachers. You’ve been a collaborator, a mentor, and above all, a true friend."

- Jessika Van, AWKWARD

"Sydney Walsh is a dear friend and longtime collaborator. She is my sister in art and poetry. She has a gift for organizing the circle of the feast; welcoming newcomers to the banquet, getting old timers, like me, to eat and drink heartily, as if for the first time. She invites everyone within her circle to serve each other as a way of serving themselves. She is a hard working, ever curious and dedicated teacher, not to mention a fine, accomplished actress herself. One is lucky to be around her experience; one of strength and hope."

- Bernard White, KIDDING

"Sydney meets you where you’re at. From beginner to advanced, everyone is challenged at their level. What I liked most is that she comes from an actor’s point of view, and directs in a way that is understandable. Sydney has a deep love of artists and it shows. My biggest takeaway was learning how to personalize a scene as opposed to emotionalizing it. This class gave me my power back and helped me push through some self doubt blockages. After taking Sydney’s class, I feel motivated to continue my practice and keep growing as an artist."


"Sydney inspires actors by focusing in on what they have to bring to the material and freeing them up to make creative choices. She has razor focus and insight, a dedication and energy that will not cease until the actor and script are one. She creates an environment of generosity where people are inspired to play specific objectives and remain vulnerable; where there is trust and a sense of play. A television actor, an acting teacher, a developer of original material and a theatre director, she brings joy, wisdom, humility and humor to her art and to her fellow actors."

- Sally Smythe, Artistic Director, SOUTH PASADENA THEATER WORKSHOP

"My favorite story about Syd is early on when she worked with me on an audition. It was for the role of a plumber, and I had decided that I would play it as a stereotypical tough-guy plumber. Syd coached me to find the part in me, approaching it from a truthful place of innocent, lovable, charm that I naturally possess. At the audition as I sat in the waiting room, I began second-guessing the choice as I heard actor after actor go in and play the tough-guy plumber. I decided to stay the course, though, and brought to life my naïve plumber who loved his job. The casting director reading with me kept reacting to me in the strangest way, and I left thinking that it was a disaster and that I would never work again. I didn’t get the job. However, I was called in two more times by that office for the same show, and each time I found the part from within instead of pretending to be whatever result I thought they would want. On my third effort, I booked the show! A few months later, the same casting director called me in straight to a producer session for a pilot."

- Joseph Warren, AMERICAN HORROR STORY: 1984

"Sydney Walsh’s ability as a teacher to inspire is profound. Over the years she has lovingly pushed me to go deeper as an actor, writer, and director. She supports what is unique and special in each of her students and encourages them to fiercely bring those qualities into their work. Because of her many years as a working actor, she knows what you must bravely call forth from inside when auditioning and on set. Sydney imparts knowledge that will empower you in this business. Take her class, and I promise, you’ll feel galvanized!"

- Jackie Katzman, Creator/Exec Producer, STONE (PARAMOUNT TV)

Being in class and community with @sydsource and my classmates is, hands down, the best part of my week. I'm off of class this month and miss it...can't wait to be back! But if anyone out there reading this is on the fence about BGB, I urge you to give it a try. It's changed everything for me. Being able to connect and respond as a human to another human in real-time, whether in person or on Zoom is everything. It's fulfilling and restorative, and coming off of isolation, it's the antidote to stagnation and fear. For me, being in class at BGB is an act of radical self-love. Sydney's the real deal and I always find something new as an actor and human under her guidance. ❤

- Sarah Sypniewski, Clown Car: A Love Story

"Trey reminds you of the most important thing about being an actor. YOU are good enough, because there is no one else like you."

- Shane Jon Roelle, WHAT’S MY NAME AGAIN?

"I don’t consider myself a writer, but after taking a writing section in my Workout class from L. Trey Wilson, I am re-considering. He is so down to earth and brings such an energy of support, that it is hard NOT to bring your truth to class and to your writing. The direction he gave as well as the prompts helped me compose something I didn’t know I had in me."

- Steve Trzaska, PERRY MASON

"Trey is a true multi-hyphenate: actor, writer, director, producer. And he's great at all of them. I've acted in his plays, been directed by him and have used his plays in my undergraduate acting classes at UCLA. Trey has also been a guest artist in my class several times so I know how clear, kind and giving he is when working with students. He's also without a doubt one of the nicest, most generous and supportive people I've EVER met. Everyone who knows Trey loves him--and I'm not exaggerating."

- Judith Moreland, BOSCH

"I love the way Gillian guides me through a scene, rather than simply directing me. Working with her feels like a collaboration, where the focus is on bringing the most me to the work. She's kind, patient, and professional, easy to relate to, and as curious and devoted an artist as you'll ever meet. Her insights enhance my work, never overwhelm it, and I would recommend her to anyone!"

- Elisabeth Howser, SUITS

"Johnathan doesn’t just teach the skills you need to be a success, he also inspires you to believe that you will be. There are no tricks or gimmicks. His approach is to simply encourage you to understand that you have all the tools necessary to succeed already within you. After working with him you'll find that you come away not only feeling confident and empowered, but excited and actually looking forward to the very idea of auditioning."


"Johnathan is a person of unbelievable integrity as an actor, writer, director and most importantly as a teacher. He is very attuned to the actors he works with and has a sophisticated b.s. meter, which helps him to help you remain true to yourself and the material. Johnathan knows what it takes to challenge actors so they have the best shot to succeed as a working artist. He not only brings a careers worth of hard earned advice, knowledge and practical skills, but if you watch and listen carefully, Johnathan fully embodies everything he teaches."

- Kyle Secor, THE FLASH

"It’s not all the time you come across a spectacular gem. And Johnathan is that. I first met Johnathan when attending classes at the BGB Acting Studio. He was one of our teachers. However, he was/is more than a teacher, he is a guide, a mentor, an earnest and humble human.He is a straight shooter and gets into the work immediately. Very much like a coach helping an athlete achieve their best, their true potential. When class finished, I was bummed because I could have been there all day. I have begun working with Johnathan via Zoom for self-tape audition prep and every second is devoted to the work. Not just the scene, but in me, as a living breathing human being. There’s no ego, just real authenticity. It’s the best."

- Herman Gambhir, SNEAKY PETE

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