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Ep. 8: Josiah Akinyele: The Hardest Working Agent in Show Business

Show Notes

In our recent BGB class, “The Business of Acting,” Risa had the opportunity to sit down with Josiah Akinyele, an agent at Innovative Artists. Listen in as they discuss the agent/client relationship, how to “make it,”along with Josiah’s unique journey from a challenging upbringing in Africa and the U.S.- to working at Banana Republic- to discovering his path and passion as a Hollywood agent. Josiah talks about what he needs from his clients (and potential clients), why the Industry is more competitive than ever right now, and what it takes for actors to be seen and find real success in our business.

“Everybody wants to find someone with a unique voice, and I think we all have unique voices. You have a story that you can tell. Tell it with boldness. You don’t need somebody to give you money to do it. Get a bunch of friends together. We all have friends who are trying to make it in the industry. Get together with your creative selves and MAKE SOMETHING!”‍

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