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The Acting Podcast

Ep. 5: Wisdom of Women

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In this episode of The Acting Podcast, Risa Bramon Garcia sits down with a group of brilliant women- Mindy Cohn, Harley Kozak, Dionne Audain, and Cate Cohen- all with extensive and varied careers as actors, writers, filmmakers and BGB Studio members – to talk about what it means to be a woman in this business. They discuss their journeys, their challenges, being seen over 40, glass ceilings, ageism, plastic surgery, and what it means to be attractive, sensual, and powerful as they get older and wiser in Hollywood and beyond.

“If you’re about the craft and if you’re about storytelling, it’s a career of immersion and exploration. And that is terrifying, liberating, exciting, passionate, all of it. It’s what makes our community ageless and colorless, and unfortunately the ‘business of’ gets in the way of that. Don’t let the business aspect of the creative medium get in the way of you telling your stories.”

– Mindy Cohn‍

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