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Ep. 37: Jason Clodfelter: A Journey from Actor to Writer to Co-Prez Sony Pictures Television

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Jason Clodfelter is hardly whom you might think of when you imagine a big Hollywood Studio TV (Co) President. He’s sensitive, caring, personable, charming, thoughtful, and an artist - a fantastic writer, director, actor, and collaborator. Risa got to know Jason in class every week where the work was intimate and intense, and he went all in. And, as he tells us here, his job at Sony TV became an act of artistry, something he needed if he was going to continue to work in what can be considered a soul-sucking job. But he found another way! 

And listen in to what Jason says about self tapes- what he knows and doesn't know about your experience with self-tapes. 

But mostly, we want you to listen to Jason’s humanity. He’s not some faceless power-broker executive. He’s a human being.

Check out Jason’s (impressive) Bio on this page so that you get a feel for his executive and production work, and our conversation with him will show you the incredible human being and artist he is. Which gives us all hope for our Industry! 

"...there really is a place for everybody and I 100% believe that and it’s just allowing yourself to not get trapped in the history that you created for yourself. And allow yourself to evolve and change and you know what I thought was going to make me happy but it’s not….. its life balance and striving to be comfortable in your own skin, and working and being happy..."

Jason Clodfelter

“I just grew up at a time where I couldn’t name one female director…or not a single woman would get on stage to accept a producer award at the Oscars…representation matters because if you don’t see it, you don’t know that you can do it. Being a woman on the other side of the camera was not something that I ever saw.”
-Ellyn Jameson

“Then the desperation went away and I had an ease in audition rooms that I’d never had before because I had a life outside of wanting someone to pick me.”
-Dominic Burgess

“It happened entirely because I was following the path that was put in front of me without a tremendous amount of judgment around it. And I’m a judgy motherfucker…if I can do this, anyone can.”
-Johnathan McClain

“Walk into every room, and everything you ever write, and everything you create, and just make it you, just authentically you. And most of the time, the people who’ll respond to it will love it because you’re being yourself and there’s only one of you in the world. And it feels amazing when you put yourself forward and people reward you for it.”
-Caroline Lindy

Guests & Resources:

Jason Clodfelter, a 16-year plus SPE veteran, serves as Co-President of Sony Pictures Television Studios, the production arm of SPE’s television business alongside the studio President, Jeff Frost. In his position, Jason oversees all creative aspects of the television studio including U.S. Drama and Comedy Development, U.S. Scripted & Current Programming, Global Programming & Development, Talent & Casting, Movies & Miniseries, Gemstone Studios, Affirm Television, and TriStar Television. Under Clodfelter’s purview as Co-President, the studio has produced multiple high-profile scripted series for broadcast, cable, and streaming outlets including The Boys, Cobra Kai, Wheel of Time, Outlander, The Afterparty, Black Monday, Them, The Blacklist, For All Mankind, The Good Doctor, SWAT, and Better Call Saul.

Prior to serving as Co-President, Jason was the Executive Vice President of U.S. Drama Development and Programming for Sony Pictures Television (SPT), spearheading the development and production of titles such as Breaking Bad, Damage, Drop Dead Diva, Justified, Preacher, Sneaky Pete, and Masters of Sex.    

Prior to joining SPT in 2006, he served as Vice President of development for Spelling Television, Inc., where he developed the series Wanted and Saving Grace.  

Earlier in his career, Jason  was the producer behind the short films, Crabgrass Manifesto, which screened at the Sundance Film Festival, and Something Close to Heaven (written and directed by Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black), which made its television debut on The Sundance Channel. 

He studied Film and TV at USC School of Cinematic Arts and shortly thereafter began his career at John Wells Productions where he owes much of his training to acclaimed director, Paris Barclay.


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