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Ep. 32: Owning the BROKE in One Broke Actress: A Conversation with Sam Valentine

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Risa and Steve sit down in-person with Sam Valentine aka One Broke Actress. Sam is a working actor, a content creator, a coach, a podcaster, an actor’s advocate, the poster actor for the side hustle, with a significant social media presence and a foray into youtube, and the creator of One Broke Actress. Together they talk about what BROKE really means and how to embrace it. And they dive into what gets Sam up in the morning, what drives her and fires her up, and what continues to challenge her, even after all this new success. AND how One Broke Actress has changed how she approaches all areas of her career and her creative life, which we’re really interested in as it relates to all of you listening.

So wherever you’re listening, take a page from Sam’s playbook and consider what steps you can take- steps that are authentic to you- to turn your talent into work. Sam’s journey is inspiring; we want yours to be as well!

"I want to be the person I needed when I was at my lowest point in this job; I want to normalize the ups and downs."

- Sam Valentine

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