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Ep. 31: Self-Tapes Don't Have to Hurt

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In this conversation about that big topic: Self-Tapes- taking up most of the audition real estate- Risa and Steve offer ways in which you can move past all the (real, tangible) challenges of self-taping, even the trauma around it, and discover the freedom, joy, and deep curiosity you need to get the attention of any Casting Director and book work regularly. Your Self-Tapes don’t have to hurt anymore! We're excited to offer ways to shift your mindset, bring all of your talent to bear in your work on-camera- even if you’re home alone, turn your Self-Tapes into art, and return to feeling like an actor, always. And when you do that, you’re able to show up fully, confidently, and creatively free, again and again, and inevitably success follows.

So listen, open your hearts and minds, and see how this discussion helps you re-imagine your Self-Tapes!

"What would it look like to turn your self-tape into art?"

- Steve Braun

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