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Ep. 30: How to Have a Post-Covid Acting Career

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In this first episode of Season 3, Risa and Steve talk about how to navigate this new and challenging time in order to find your way in an Industry that’s also redefining itself. We’ve all changed in the past 2 years, and now, Risa and Steve invite you to start with the following: Stop, look inside, create space, and figure out who you are right now so that your acting can be current, an expression of this very moment. From there, you can offer your art with presence, vulnerability, listening, self-awareness, kindness, empathy, human connection, artistic leadership, and generosity.

These are values that we practice and celebrate here at BGB, values and practices that will affect your audience on an emotional level and fill a great need in the Industry. Which is now- more than ever- a direct path to success. And yet success isn’t measured in jobs booked; it’s measured in the ups and downs of a career that happens over decades. So, your health (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) is essential in order to take care of both you and your community and to become a whole, happy artist, your tank full, offering your voice, your talent, your art!

Have a listen! We know this will resonate. Let us know what speaks to you. Email us and find us on social to continue the conversation.

"Our goal here is to offer some ways to find joy and freedom and success in your work. We’re gonna assume this premise- that when you are artistically free, and when you approach your work, including self-tapes, with joy, excitement, deep curiosity, and an understanding that your art matters, you start finding true success. When you lean into art, you start to lose the self-consciousness and the pain of the rejection of the past. You show up for the work with leadership, generosity, and collaboration. And that's when the Industry takes notice."

-Risa Bramon Garcia & Steve Braun

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