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The Acting Podcast

Ep. 16: Creating a Path to Mind-blowing Work During Quarantine

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For today’s special bonus episode of THE ACTING PODCAST, we gathered together our brilliant BGB Master Teachers for an important, frank discussion about coping during the time of the coronavirus, the necessity of creating space for community and artistry to happen, and how the Industry is already starting to shift throughout this as a result — and in many ways, for the better. We are blown away by the generosity, courage, and leadership of these fierce artists, our BGB Teachers, and by the incredible, moving work happening here in our BGB Zoom classes. We couldn’t do any of this without them! We hope this talk offers hope and heart, as it did for us, and as we connect on our shared experience as artists everywhere.

“The overwhelming majority of actors are trying to get by, emotionally and financially, right now. And so the work changes. In my ongoing weekly Zoom classes… there are people who hit the wall pretty early and there are some who got down to business and did all the work of getting the toilet paper and doing all the stuff, and one foot in front of the other, who are now falling apart. So one of the things that’s really important and that we all, as teachers, are here to facilitate, is the allowance of wherever anyone is at. And that notion of kindness and compassion with oneself and also with the people around you is going to be really important right now and in days and weeks to come.”

– Steve Braun

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