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Ep. 15: Art & Healing in the Time of Corona

Show Notes

Risa and Steve sat down together via Zoom for a special bonus episode of The Acting Podcast to speak to our community of artists all over the world about life, art, and healing in the time of Corona. Listen in to what they’ve been discovering about our collective need for artistic expression as we all move through this challenging time. In this, they suggest ways in which we can each maintain- and even cultivate- open hearts and artistry in the face of a global pandemic. The message through all of this is clear: We believe in the power of creating in our collective community. We’re here for you. And we’re all in this together.

“One of the things that’s interesting in all this is that it’s another opportunity, particularly for creative people to ask themselves, where is the space here? Where is the space for myself, for the people I love, for art, even in this. Can the flower emerge from the crack in the concrete and bloom? Where is that crack for all of us right now? where it feels like the world’s on fire and it’s all caving in? We have to ask ourselves, where is the space for our humanity?’”

– Steve Braun

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