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Ep. 14: It’s Not You, It’s Pilot Season

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Pilot Season. Whether you’re going out for series regulars non-stop or dreaming of your first co-star, this time of year is fraught. In this episode, Risa, Steve, and a special guest- Casting Director Becky Silverman- break down the idea of Pilot Season (what it means + what’s really going on behind the scenes) and what you can do to have an active Pilot Season of your own- with or without the Industry’s permission.

“Pilot season- it’s just a name, a title- a very short period of time. Are you doing what you love to do? Are you keeping yourself immersed in that world? And even if you’re not getting to do it at a pilot audition, are you getting to do it elsewhere? Are you in class? I think that’s the number one thing that’s going to keep an actor going, and positive, and happy and fulfilled.“

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