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Ep. 10: Saying Yes to the No: Managing Rejection

Show Notes

Listen in as Risa and Steve explore every angle of rejection – from the feelings triggered when it happens – to the perspective from the creative team (behind the camera) – and, most importantly, what you can do to take care of yourself, stay focused, and even thrive on your artistic journey in the face of rejection. Learn how you can bounce back as you cultivate your passion and your creativity, and continuing to bring yourself fully into any audition room and any meeting, time and time again. Be ready to collaborate, to offer your talent freely and with generosity, and do your best work, no matter the outcome. Say YES to the NO!

“There is so much that is joyful about acting. You get to feel and express deep elements of the human experience that most people out there in the world won’t even go near, because they can’t, or don’t have the courage. You get to feel that multiple times a day. So you can focus on the joy of it and let that lead you. And that’s the work of loving the work.”‍

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