Shane Connor is a prolific Australian actor whose career spans over 20 years in all genres of film, theatre, television and voiceover. He has won numerous industry awards (including AFI/AACTA for Best Actor), and has been a staple on Australian television for decades. He also is a writer, director, and veteran teacher. Now based in Los Angeles, Shane brings real world experience to the classroom and creates a safe environment for all actors.

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"Shane creates a safe and nurturing space in his classroom where you feel free to play, explore and connect. Through his classes, Shane has given me the tools I need to feel empowered and confident going into the room (or the zoom!). I’ve noticed a significant shift in my work and have re-connected to the joy of the process and the love of the artistry. I leave each class feeling grateful and inspired. Studying at BGB has been the best decision I’ve made. Both on a professional and on a personal level. I’ve never felt more part of a creative community than I do at BGB. And for that, I will be eternally grateful."

- Bre Mueck, SHAMELESS

"Shane doesn’t tell you if you are doing it right or wrong. He offers you “what if’s” and subtle hints that allow you as the actor to figure it out for yourself. His guidance is empowering and helps to rid you of self doubt because you are now doing work that you are proud of.”


"Shane’s teaching carries both the wisdom and gravitas of an experienced master and the lightness and wonder of an eternal student. I appreciate how he approaches each of us with the equanimity of an artist meeting a fellow artist, with a style of gentle pointing-out that empowers us to finesse our performances from the inside. During a time when auditioning has shifted almost fully to self-tape and Zoom, taking Shane’s class gave me a lot of practical experience with observing and modifying my on-camera performance technique. I feel more relaxed and confident approaching my work based on what I learned from Shane and the other actors in his class."

- Carie Kawa, RATCHED

"Shane is passionate, thorough and gentle. His theories have been tested in the cauldron of fast paced, professional film, tv and theatre. They are practical. They work. His script analysis technique is the best I’ve heard of. It will save you hours and embed the material deeply. He is equally comfortable with beginners and experienced professionals. He’s not a guru, he’s a facilitator. He listens."

- Kevin Harrington, WENTWORTH 

"Shane’s kindness and joy through the work helped me focus on his core message– actors need to be present and themselves and… not much else. After working with Shane, I often remind myself, both in auditions and on set, that exactly where I am emotionally and physically is truly enough. He has helped immensely with my anxiety surrounding the Industry side of acting and has allowed my performances to be 100% more truthful."

-Amy Vorpahl, THE NEWSROOM 

"Shane set me on a journey immediately grounded in the work. His approach is rock solid. With him, everything changed."

- Keith Stallworth, THE AWFUL KIND 

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