Ongoing Writing + Creating

Ready to elevate your writing + creating practice? Just a couple of steps to get you to your class…

Okay, you’re committed to doing the consistent, weekly work that provides you with the collaboration and practice you need to take command of your career. You want to write and make your own work, to be the creative force you know you are. You want to be the one who gives yourself permission to work (not waiting for the Industry’s approval).

Our ongoing Writing + Creating classes are for you!

Here’s how this goes:  We need to hear from you first. Answer the questions below. They give us a sense of who you are, your acting background, what kind of training you’re looking for, your schedule, etc. That starts the conversation.

Risa and Steve take great care to go through every sign-up form. So take some time to answer all the questions so we really get to know you. That helps us find the right class for you.

Once you submit your answers, we’ll get back to you in a few days with your class recommendation(s).

Have a look at our "In-Studio" classes policy: BGB Covid Safety Policy

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8-Week Writing + Creating