Ongoing Audition + On-Camera

Ready to elevate your audition and self-tape practice? Just a couple of steps to get you to your class…

Okay, you’re ready to do the consistent, weekly work that provides you with the tools and practice you need in order to audition and self-tape at a championship level. You want to feel free and confident in your auditions, to bring all of your creativity and talent to your on-camera work, and to BOOK more.

Our ongoing Audition and On-Camera classes are for you!

Here’s how this goes: Choose a class that speaks to you and works with your schedule. Once you do, you’ll fill out our SIGN-UP FORM on the CLASS PAGE. This gives us a sense of who you are, your acting background, what kind of training you’re looking for, your schedule, etc.  That starts the conversation.

Risa and Steve take great care to go through every sign-up form. So take some time to answer all the questions so we really get to know you and can collaborate with your class preferences in mind. Be assured, we will find a great fit for you!

Give us a few days to respond: we’re on it!

If you're looking for a short term Audition/On-Camera class, go here: 6-8 week classes. If you’re looking for a short term Scene Study/Workout class, go here: 6-8 week classes.

The On-Camera Scene Study Lab - w/Sydney in person
Discover your unique voice. Live it OUT LOUD & on camera!
Find out more here!
The On-Camera Workout - w/Sydney in person
Develop, deepen, & practice audition skills & on-camera mastery necessary to book work!
Find out more here!
The Tuesday On Camera Lab - w/Corey online
Let your unique artistry propel you into your auditions like a conquering hero!
Find out more here!
The Thursday On Camera Lab - w/Corey online
Take your work to the next level & be ready for whatever the Industry throws at you.
Find out more here!

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