Melissa Coleman-Reed, she/her, is an international theatre maker: Director-Actor-Producer. Her current focus is on the development of new works that foster activism & grow international collaborations. This focus is in service of building platforms to uplift the voices & stories of Artists of Color.

The heart of her practice is centered on cultivating your own magic: to reignite play, gifting yourself permission to allow tenderness, joy, vulnerability and the daring to risk within your work & your practice wholeheartedly.

Melissa is continuously exploring truth through connection & movement, magic & transformation, ritual & ensembles. She believes in continuous training for your body & voice. You will always find her in some class or workshop: the learning never stops and being in class grows your community. Show up... Jump in!

Melissa has trained with: SITI Company, BGB Studio, Vangeline Butoh, Keri Safran, Steppenwolf West, Butoh Master:  Yoshito Ohno, and the School at Steppenwolf 2020/TBACohort (upcoming in Chicago, 2022).


"I love the way Gillian guides me through a scene, rather than simply directing me. Working with her feels like a collaboration, where the focus is on bringing the most me to the work. She's kind, patient, and professional, easy to relate to, and as curious and devoted an artist as you'll ever meet. Her insights enhance my work, never overwhelm it, and I would recommend her to anyone!"

- Elisabeth Howser, SUITS

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