Eric grew up performing in Baltimore City at the Arena Players Inc., and studied theater at the George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology. He trained with Johnnie Hobbs Jr. and Anthony Abeson and has been a member of the BGB community since 2017. He is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, AEA, and the NAACP.

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In Los Angeles, Eric has performed at the Skylight Theatre, Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, Kirk Douglas Theatre, Pasadena Playhouse, Pantages Theatre, Long Beach Opera, Los Angeles Theatre Center, EST/LA, and twice at the Hollywood Bowl. His feature film credits include I’LL BE WATCHING, COFFEE HOUSE CHRONICLES, WAITING IN THE WINGS, and SEXINA. He’s appeared on Showtime’s THE AFFAIR and Comedy Central’s TOSH.0. He guest stars in the online series MONOGAMY and BOZOS and is a series regular on A CAPELLA.

Eric is committed to giving back to the community, and has partnered with programs that allow him to work as a Teaching Artist with inner-city children in LA and his hometown of Baltimore. He teaches acting to underprivileged students, reads to children for the SAG-AFTRA LA BookPALS program, and also mentors with Engage The Vision.

Eric believes that art is ministry, and it is the actor’s work to illuminate humanity. He gives all glory and honor to GOD for everything in his life.

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"Eric B. Anthony has a way of prodding at your soul with the right amount of respect and love to get the artist to open up and speak their truth. He doesn’t let anyone off the hook in meaning what they say and saying what they mean. Taking class with Eric was a confidence-building refresher in what it means to be an artist."

- Ashley Denise Robinson, SANDBOX

"Eric creates a space for actors to explore the beauty living within themselves. He listens deeply, supports each student’s journey, and plants seeds that get your imagination working in new ways."


"Working with Eric was so healing & refreshing. It was just what I needed. He makes you feel at home right away. There’s something so zen & peaceful about Eric & his teaching style that I really appreciated. I walked into his class feeling like the guarded introvert that I am & walked out feeling like my inner child was healed & safe! I’ve never felt that from a class and certainly not ONE class at that. I’ve been trying to get back to his class ever since."

- Ramissa Ma’at, THE CHI

"Eric B. Anthony is a constant vessel of empathy, warmth and love. These qualities along with nurturing come through in his role as a teacher. Anytime I’ve been an artist under his helm I have felt poured into, safe and FREE to express & be myself fully. I look forward with great joy to my next class and artistic experience with Eric."

- Benjamin Welch, TWENTYFIVEISH 

"Eric leads from vulnerability, truth and joy. Everyone who comes into his presence and his guidance leaves more empowered in their work and specific in their choices. Whenever I work with Eric, my scenes are alive and so specifically me. You won’t simply leave his class a better actor and listener. You’ll come out fired up to stake your place in this Industry!!!”

- Nancy Ma, HACKS

"Eric is pure love. That is the simplest way to explain him, and yet it doesn't come close to his warmth, his joy, and his absolute and complete delight in what it means to be an actor and a teacher. Eric will not push you to your limits and break through your barriers. What he will do is reveal your own bravery and strength so you can do it yourself. He is patient, inventive, and collaborative. He always surprises me in the best possible way, either by teaching me something new or by reminding me of something I'd forgotten. I cannot recommend him or his class enough."

- Ashley Diane Currie, SEAL TEAM

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