Dominic Burgess was born in 1982, in Stoke-on-Trent, England (Just like the Captain of the R.M.S. TITANIC, fact fans). He developed a penchant for performing after playing Biff in a High School production of DEATH OF A SALESMAN. He was awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) in London, where he studied acting for three years. Public productions included TWELFTH NIGHT (as Malvolio), THE END OF THE FOOD CHAIN (as Robbo) and THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON’T THEY? (as Rocky Gravo).

Dominic’s first television role upon graduating was the BBC’s award-winning Sci-Fi behemoth DOCTOR WHO, where he met a grisly fate at the hand of the Daleks. (Dominic’s Doctor will always be Sylvester McCoy.)

Watch Dom's award-winning short film: SAM DID IT

Dominic arrived in Los Angeles, just a suitcase and his laptop in hand in January 2008, just in time for the Writer’s Strike… He didn’t know anyone in Los Angeles and subsequently has many stories to tell you about living situations he found himself in through Craigslist.

As an actor, Dominic can be found on STAR TREK: PICARD, THE GOOD PLACE, THE MAGICIANS, and can soon be seen in THEM: COVENANT, BETTER THINGS, and in the feature film BREAKING NEWS IN YUBA COUNTY alongside Allison Janney, Awkwafina, and Regina Hall.

As a writer/director, Dominic’s debut short film SAM DID IT stars Alfred Molina and is available through Amazon Prime and can also be found online. It picked up multiple awards through the film festival circuit and lead to Dominic being selected for Ryan Murphy’s Director’s Half Initiative, where he shadowed on 9-1-1. Dominic’s feature film projects RING GOES SOUTH and CHECK SURROUNDINGS FOR SAFETY both trended on the Blacklist in the weeks after their release. Currently in pre-production, Dominic has written and is set to direct his debut feature PRODUCTS OF WAR.

An avid lover of nature, Dom is interested in ways to get involved in wildlife preservation, and as of going to press… he is a proud cat parent to five rescued felines (Frodo, Pippin, Ripley, Blink and Nub-Nub)… but there’s every possibility there might be more now… so many more…

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"Dom’s talent and big-heartedness have always knocked me out. His delight in the art of teaching is as obvious as his love of acting. He’s insightful and incisive, but in such a charming way (probably the British thing) that it’s easy for an actor to take in. He’s especially adept at bringing out the writer that lives inside every actor. I’d sign up for any class Dom teaches, not just to stay at the top of my game, but for the sheer joy of it."

- Harley Jane Kozak, CHICAGO HOPE

"Dom creates such a warm, open, fostering environment, giving the most amazing writing prompts that truly get you into the writer’s process and structure while igniting your imagination every step of the way. He’s also great about reminding you throughout that it is all a process, something that helped me enormously. I would highly recommend his class to all actors whether you think you want to write or not: it can only amplify your storytelling toolset as an actor, a writer, or both."

- Jimmy Shaw, LA FORTUNA 

"Dominic creates such a safe and fun environment that I felt confident enough to put myself out there completely; to explore, to play, and even fall flat on my face without any self-judgment. I grew a great deal as an artist in a matter of weeks."

- Sylvia Walker, BOND AND BURY

"Dominic Burgess is one of the kindest and most professional people working in the Industry today. His skills as an actor, writer, and teacher are hard to beat. He is incredibly insightful and generous with his time and energy. He is excellent at getting the best out of any actor’s or writer’s hidden talent. If you have the opportunity to take a class with him, don’t miss it."

- Natalie Britton & Kate Hamilton, Producers, QUEEN'S GAMBIT FILMS

"I can’t say enough about this class. If you ever have wanted to write something of your own- a short, a feature, a TV pilot- but haven’t known how to structure your script, TAKE THIS CLASS. I’m a newbie writer but Dom never made me feel that way. He was always prepared (the class is rigorous…you get more than what you pay for!), and he’s so very generous, kind, encouraging and funny! He saw each student for where they WERE and honored that. Grateful for it…thank you!”

- Kerry Sullivan, HOODMAN

"Dominic’s class just blew me away. I’ve never written a scene- I’m more of a short story writer- and writing a script has always overwhelmed me. This class gave me the support, the instruction and the inspiration and I’ve written not one but TWO scenes! Dominic is so encouraging and he breaks down the screenplay basics so brilliantly and so simply to where it’s not overwhelming. I would take this class again! Thank you Dominic!!!"

- Cindy Chavez, GLOW

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