Corey Parker, an acclaimed actor in his own right, has trained actors on and off Broadway, on TV, and in film for 20 years. He has coached Annaleigh Ashford, Sean Combs, Scoot McNairy, Patrick Dempsey, and many more. Corey is a graduate of the High School of Performing Arts in New York and attended NYU. Corey studied with Uta Hagen, Susan Batson, Sandra Seacat, and many others. He is a lifetime member of the Actors Studio and the Ensemble Studio Theatre.

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Corey starred in the Steppenwolf Theater Company’s Tony-winning production of ORPHANS, and has appeared on Broadway at the St. James, Off Broadway at the Public Theater in NYC where he worked with Joseph Papp, at Circle Rep where he worked with Lanford Wilson, and at the Ensemble Studio Theater with playwright Richard Greenberg. Corey worked under the direction of Herbert Berghof at the HB Playwrights Foundation on Bank Street. In Los Angeles he performed with Tom Hulce at the Mark Taper Forum. He’s also worked extensively in film and television, including "thirtysomething" and "Will & Grace." His films include “Biloxi Blues” with Mike Nichols.

Corey has taught at numerous studios, including HB Studio. He has taught at the Susan Batson Studio, Michael Howard Studio, the Ruskin School, Lesly Kahn’s Studio, Rhodes College, the University of Memphis, and the list goes on. He currently teaches regular classes in Nashville and Memphis, and at BGB in Los Angeles Online.

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"Corey Parker’s instinct, support, and expertise as a coach have been invaluable to me as a working actor. I strive to always be a student of the craft and he always takes me to a new level of specificity. He has been instrumental in my preparation for character work and for script analysis. Corey always helps me find the truth. His coaching has been a blessing to me."

- Annaleigh Ashford, MASTERS OF SEX

"Corey Parker is one of the best teachers in town. He has helped in every way as an acting coach. It is a delicate job working with actors. It is part therapy, part technician, and part preparing for flight. I believe one of the reasons Corey is so great is because for so many years of his life he was acting himself, with integrity, truth and depth."

- Sherilyn Fenn, TWIN PEAKS

"Corey Parker's understanding of humanity and the craft of acting is astounding. He's masterful at serving the needs of the actor regardless of their skill set. He is incredibly intuitive, sensitive and nurturing. I believe these to be essential traits for an effective teacher and coach. Studying with Corey inspired me to start from a place of joy and love of acting, to dig deeper, to explore the boundless possibilities and to risk it all for my artistry. I'm proud to call him teacher, mentor, brother, and friend. He's the real deal."

- Shaun Baker, VIP

"Corey is an exceptional teacher. I not only grew tremendously in his class, but also really found the joy in my work again. I have my MFA and have been to several studios in Los Angeles, but I have never before had a more intuitive and specific teacher than Corey. He possesses a magical ability of taking care of actors while helping them find their voice and what they uniquely bring to a set of sides."

- Lexa Gluck, LEGION 

"Corey Parker is a true artist. His intelligence, emotional life and creativity are formidable. It is Corey Parker who trusted me as a teacher and recommended me to Nicole Kidman whom I have coached for the past 20 years. I am returning the favor to all actors who seek great coaching. Take my advice and seize the opportunity to have a genuine genius to guide you on your path."

- Susan Batson, Acting Coach

"If finding the humanity on the page, discovering how your character serves the story and bringing your authenticity and unique instrument to the work is crucial for you, Corey should be your go-to coach. He brings to the process a laser precise talent for helping you find the human behaviour necessary for the actor´s contribution to storytelling with any material. And to top it all his generosity of spirit and immense respect for the actor’s process is hugely empowering. Don’t hesitate, his enormous talent and wisdom are gifts you cannot afford to pass up."

- Jimmy Shaw, LA FORTUNA

"I cherish every opportunity that I get to work with Corey. The way that he is able to guide an actor into deeper exploration of their character is always so exciting and revelatory. The permission he offers his actors- that you won't always have the answers right then and there in the moment- is always a great reminder, as he quotes, ‘The process is the approach and not the result.’"

- Mildred Marie Langford, CHICAGO MED

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