After graduating from SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts with a BFA in Acting, Ashley did what some would call the impossible, and supported herself for years performing on regional theatre stages across the country. A few of her favorite roles include the titular role in ANTIGONE, Paulina from THE WINTER’S TALE, Ruth Younger in A RAISIN IN THE SUN, and Malcolm (among several other characters) in a six-person, all-female cast of MACBETH.

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Since moving to Los Angeles, she has appeared in numerous national commercials, indie projects, including the award-winning comedy short, CHOKE.KICK.GIRL., THE AFFAIR on Showtime, and most recently an interactive live action video game called TELLING LIES through Annapurna Interactive. Currently she is wearing the hat of producer, writer, and content creator, and had her first digital series optioned this past year. Ashley is a champion of diversity, truth, and finding strength through vulnerability. When she’s not acting, writing, or producing, you can find her teaching yoga, meditation, pranayama, philosophy classes, teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats all over the world.

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"Ashley Rideaux’s gentle and playful style of teaching really brings out the best in her students. Digging into my personal creative history was an eye-opening exercise in understanding the building blocks of my artistic house. I don’t think I ever left her class with dry eyes- Ashley is able to open her heart and plug right into ours to bring out our very best."

- Ashley Denise Robinson, SANDBOX

"Ashley makes you feel both safe and free at the same time. Through guided meditation or breathing exercises, she sets a grounding, calm tone for class that can be used pre-audition or anytime there’s anxiety. She’s also not afraid to get to the heart of the scene or find what’s holding an actor back from being their fully alive, creative, UNIQUE selves. My favorite quote of hers: ‘You’re the sky, everything else is just weather.’ I wish I had her as a teacher years ago!"

- Carrie Poyer, TUMBLEWEED

"Ashley has a gift for coaxing artists into their vulnerability. She guides you to dig deeper into who you are as an artist and a person. As an artist, vulnerability is so intertwined with who you are and your work. When you discover what you’re hiding or not confronting, knowingly or unknowingly, it takes your work as an artist deeper to another level – if you allow it. It allows you to be present with who you are and what you offer to the world. Ashley takes you on that journey with sincerity, ease, and care. And I will never be the same because of it."


"I just want to gush about Ashley. She’s honestly one of the best teachers I’ve had for any subject. Her patience, focus, warmth, and snap creativity are remarkable, as is her ability to both guide AND accept her students’ visions, moving within them to foster growth instead of attempting to change, erase, or otherwise control the art that’s being created. I look forward to class every week because I know it’s a space where the risks I take will be welcomed and appreciated, which for me is everything as I go about honing my skills and bringing my voice into the film Industry."


"Over the past three years, I have had the fortune to watch, learn, and experience the magical human that is Ashley Rideaux. She is a natural born leader who guides with an open heart. Ashley courageously offers her vulnerability to facilitate a space for all to find their strength, their beauty, and their spirit. She continuously helps me find the power in being gentle, kind, and loving to oneself, both in life, and in the work. Working with Ashley always promises to be truthful, fun, and alive. She is an incredible actor who I always study while working. When people ask me about her, I gladly say, ‘She can do it all and make it look easy. She’s the acting class’s Meryl Streep!’ Working with Ashley has brought me closer to the truth within myself and helped me bring that truth into my work. I am forever grateful."


"I absolutely adore Ashley as a model human being as well as a powerful teacher. I always feel like she really sees and hears me, helping me explore how to make the work specific to me, resulting in a deeper personal connection with the material. I’m always excited to work with Ashley because she consistently pushes me to make bolder, more specific choices, further developing my voice and authenticity in my own artistry.

- Katie Gibbons, THE FUSE

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