The Core Thursday In-Studio

BGB Comprehensive 8 Week Workout

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Cate Cohen with Alexandra Wright & L. Trey Wilson

Class Dates:

Thursdays,  April 20 - June 8, 2023.  8 Weeks.


6:30 - 10pm Pacific Time

Ideal for:

Actors with an open heart and mind looking to find and grow their voices in scene and audition work. **There are no makeups, refunds, substitutes, transfers, or deferments for any classes.  (Cancellation Policy) (Covid Safety Policy) 


$679 USD for 8 weeks. $359 due as a deposit to secure your spot, $320 due after class 2


In person at The BGB Studio in LA with 1 online class

You are unique to the universe. And that is why you will book work.

The ups and downs of the Industry can rob you of the creative spirit you need to succeed. To have the career you want you’re going to have to blow them away, and the only way you do that is to nurture the fire that started you on this path in the first place.

This transformational 8 week class is a journey back to freedom and power in your acting. Led by Cate Cohen, and including other BGB Master Teachers, The Core combines the Meisner technique, writing, scene-study, on-camera training and Mindfulness to transcend your limitations in your auditions, on set, and on stage. It’s where trained actors go to dive deeper, and where working actors go to re-ignite their creative fire so they can find freedom and joy in their work, and book jobs.


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The work...

Led by Cate Cohen and other amazing BGB teachers, you’ll come back to the core of who you are as an artist. Each class offers a unique exploration into the depths of your artistry.  Emotional specificity, Meisner repetition exercises, scene work with adjustments, audition on-camera work, and movement, are used to focus your talent and electrify your artistry. This 8 week journey will help you find your unique voice as an actor and reveal what might be in the way of the fullest expression of that voice. You will explore various practices, find connection to your scene partner and your own rich emotional life, and begin to own your artistic power.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

"Since I’ve been taking Cate’s class I have seen tremendous growth in my approach to the work. She creates a place where I feel completely safe to play, allowing me the freedom to come to class with every part of me and just simply ‘BE.’ As a result, I approach my work not trying to impress onlookers by making the ‘right' choices but simply to affect my scene partner. I’m deeply grateful to Cate and The BGB Studio for cultivating an environment conducive to artistic growth."

- Terrell Martin, CATCH

​​"The Core class was a refreshing reintroduction to the craft of acting. It was a remarkable journey of self-discovery, love and appreciation for everything that being an actor encompasses. After many years in Los Angeles, I feel blessed to have been introduced to BGB and look forward to taking more classes."


"One of the best classes I have had the opportunity to be a part of. They let us be US, while getting us in-tune with our daily emotions. I always felt I wasn’t able to go too deep in my work because I was too scared to be vulnerable, and these 8 weeks were so good for me to go deep inside my work. The different work we did in class made me bring out talent that I haven’t tapped into in a while. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have taken this class. Thank you for giving us this platform to play and not be judged. I booked a Guest Star role on Magnum PI a couple of weeks after- what I learned in class helped me in booking this role!"

- Rayan Lawrence, POWER

"Today’s class was incredible. Trey challenged us, but made it a safe environment to take chances in. So much energy is spent worrying about perfection, or reasons "why not" in this Industry. Today we discussed, in a non-judgmental way, that there are no excuses. Because we're all capable. Of way more than we're used to giving ourselves credit for. Everyone is so comfortable with Trey and jumped right into playing with each other, and exploring the scenes we wrote, without fear."

- John K Moeslein, BLINDSPOTTING

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