The Audition Reset - Tuesday In-Studio

How To Do The Work That Books Works. In Person.

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Sydney Walsh with Alexandra Wright

Class Dates:

Tuesdays, July 25 - September 12.  8 Weeks.


6:30 - 10pm Pacific Time

Ideal for:

Actors looking to dig deeper in their auditions & self-tapes. By sign-up or invitation.  **There are no makeups, refunds, substitutes, transfers, or deferments for any classes.  (Cancellation Policy) (Covid Safety Policy) 


$679 USD for 8 weeks. $359 due as a deposit to secure your spot, $320 due after class 2


In-Studio at The BGB Studio in LA with 1 class online

We have to embrace it: Auditioning will never be the same.

However, you have a unique opportunity right now to be inside (and ahead) of the change that is happening- as the Industry embraces a new way of working. During the best of times, auditioning on-camera can feel daunting. Add after a global pandemic and the Industry redefining how it works with actors, and you may be feeling like your career will never be the same.

You’re right. It won’t be.

You’re now expected to do highly professional, high-level work when auditioning or self-taping from home. That does not mean technically; that means working with authority- like you would in a film or show. Working this way has amazing possibilities, ways in which you can show up full, present, and free. The online world of now- on Zoom and other platforms- is creating a new reality of intimacy and presence on camera. This is changing auditioning forever.

Now is the time for your craft and your audition practice to reset. This requires letting go of exactness, of a need to control every piece of the work, of trying to be what “they’re looking for” and to “get it right.”  It’s being brave enough to throw the rules and restrictions out the window.


No matter what you’ve been told… just following some perceived prescription about auditioning or self-taping is the antithesis of showing up and being seen.  Your best audition is actually a living, dynamic piece of work — happening in real time and moving your audience on an emotional level. So… be the actor who adopts a new way of auditioning and shows up on camera with presence, with ease, fully dropped into the story, all cylinders firing. Be the actor whose self-tape grabs the attention of every casting director, director, producer, and executive.  Be the actor who books work consistently — no matter where in the world you are.

It’s so doable. And this reset class is going to show you how!

Over the course of 8 weeks in-Studio (with one class on Zoom), Sydney will challenge you to hone in on your authentic voice and all the power YOU hold every time you show up for an audition or self-tape. You’ll explore the work right from where YOU are now, and acquire practical tools to level up your on-camera work by bringing your boldest, truest, most joyful self to every audition or self-tape, including a unit on Zoom, where the work is proving to be deeply personal, authentic, and present.

Sydney Walsh brings her extensive, real-world experience as a working actor, director, teacher, and coach- along with her deep love of the work, of deep human connection, and of bold choice-making on camera- to each class.  She creates a revitalizing and safe space in which you get to re-forge a connection to your authentic voice and to the specifics of the story and relationships in any scene on-camera.


Everything changes the moment you apply!

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The work...

Each week you’ll work in-person, along with one class on Zoom, in order to keep you connected to self-taping and what auditions feel like in the virtual space. Each week you’ll get real-world input and tackle all of the audition and self-tape challenges and pitfalls, along with learning ways in which to free your work and show up fully on-camera. This is your reset. The material you work on will be a variety of scenes chosen by you and/or your teachers. The work will be recorded and sent to you for your PRIVATE review.  And you’ll also do some self-taping at home and bring it in for review and coaching. Here you get to do it all!

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

"Love, love love The New Work. We wrote and directed each other and critiqued our work. I learned so much. It's more well rounded than I've ever experienced before. I am a different actor today because of these 3 insightful, caring teachers. Thank You BGB!!!"

- Nancy B. Berggren, KIDDING

"The New Work completely rejuvenated my approach to the work and brought me back to life during this difficult time. It solidified the innate necessity for human connection and ignited that, even while we are apart, we can still, and need to, create together. I left the class inspired and activated to fight for our art, for it is essential."

- Samantha Beringer, NASHVILLE

"Sydney continues to light my fire and charge me up. Like an Olympic coach, she gives you the support and offers adjustments that take your work to a new level while celebrating the humanity of each character that is written in a scene. My artistic appetite has grown tenfold since being a part of the BGB family. I can’t wait to continue to grow as an artist, a professional, an actor, and as a person with BGB.”

- Michael Druck, Casting Director

"I highly recommend taking this class with Sydney. She taught me so many valuable skills that I now use in my auditions. AND THE BEST PART IS, I’VE BEEN BOOKING! Thank you Sydney for being such a generous teacher."

-Kimberly Ziler, DANNY DOOM

Being in class and community with Sydney and my classmates is, hands down, the best part of my week.  But if anyone out there reading this is on the fence about BGB, I urge you to give it a try. It's changed everything for me. Being able to connect and respond as a human to another human in real-time, whether in person or on Zoom is everything. It's fulfilling and restorative, and coming off of isolation, it's the antidote to stagnation and fear. For me, being in class at BGB is an act of radical self-love. Sydney's the real deal and I always find something new as an actor and human under her guidance. ❤

- Sarah Sypniewski, Clown Car: A Love Story

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