The Perfect Imperfect Self-Tape

A guide to transforming your self-tape

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About The Guide

We’ve put together this Self-Tape Guide to help you let go of “perfect” and come back to the work that matters most. We call it The Perfect Imperfect Self-Tape. In the “perfect imperfect self-tape,” you are able to show up as a full human being in the story, deeply invested in this relationship, and singularly present in your own truthful expression. That imperfection is palpable, undeniable, gorgeous, and totally human. Your audience will respond with: “That’s exactly it. That’s perfect.”

We invite you to let go of all notions of perfection and to transform your self-tapes into honest, powerful, creative pieces of work that reflect your talent. Dig in, try out these practices, and then see how your self-tapes start to align with the work you’re really good at and actually love to do. Sign up now to download your guide and start perfecting your imperfection!

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