Risa Bramon Garcia's "Never and Always"

Practices For The Audition Room

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Every audition and self-tape can make you feel powerless, lost, or anxious. You want to know the "right" way to approach the scene and make sure you give the casting director and creative team what they "want.” You stop being creative and get stuck in your head. But enough of that! We know that you’re ready to be free and confident, to step into your power and even feel excited every time you get a new audition.

Take it from our BGB Studio founder and legendary casting director, director, and producer Risa Bramon Garcia: there are no rules in an audition, but there are some key guidelines to help you fully show up when you're in the room (virtual or otherwise) or shooting a self-tape. Risa's FREE Guide to some crucial “NEVER” and “ALWAYS” audition room practices is your roadmap. With it you will forge your path to finding freedom, presence, and yes, even joy in all of your auditions - with the welcome side effect of booking work!

Employ these practices upon entering any casting space- the space where you have permission…no… obligation… to be who you truly are.

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