The BGB Self-Tape Bootcamp - Online

Master the Self-Tape & Zoom Callback!

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Corey ParkerJane Flowers & Seth Caskey

Class Dates:

Saturdays, October 21 - December 16.  8 Weeks.


9am - 12:30pm Pacific Time

Ideal for:

Actors looking to master their Self-Tapes & Zoom callbacks. **There are no makeups, refunds, substitutes, transfers, audits or deferments for any classes.  (Cancellation Policy)


$679 USD for 8 weeks.  $359 due as a deposit to secure your spot, $320 due after class 2.


Online via Zoom

Auditioning & Self-Taping keep changing. Here’s how to meet the moment with success!

Right now the entire Industry relies on Self-Tapes and Zoom callbacks to book actors. While you have more information available about Casting than ever before, how do you cut through the chatter and step into your power in your Self-Tapes and Zoom callback sessions? 

The BGB Self-Tape Bootcamp, with Master Teacher Corey Parker and Casting Director/teachers, Jane Flowers & Seth Caskey, is an 8 week practice of creating compelling Self-Tapes and Zoom audition/callbacks. Designed to help you create habits that serve you in creating a lasting career, Casting Directors, Jane Flowers and Seth Caskey, are here to help you navigate today’s casting process: the Self-Tape, the Zoom callback, and the Producer’s session. Corey Parker shares his decades of expertise and passion to help you address and let go of fear, adopting a new, more authentic, more joyful, and more alive way of Self-Taping and showing up on camera with presence, with ease, fully dropped into the story, all cylinders firing. 

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The work...

Being an actor can be isolating and this online Zoom class offers instant connection to a creative community. Plus every minute working in our Zoom class is working on camera in the exact setting of the Self-Tape and Zoom callback session. 

In the Self-Tape Bootcamp we-
-Work on Script Analysis
-Record some self-tapes at home for review and re-working
-Get personal feedback and guidance
-Practice Mock auditions and Callbacks
-Prepare for different genres
-Work with physical action
-Practice how to enter and handle yourself in the Zoom room

We address self-care, balance, letting go of perfectionism, staying inspired, and offering the Casting Director a breath of fresh air with your auditions by sharing characters who are living, breathing, three dimensional human beings. Every time.

The material we work on includes a variety of scenes chosen by you and/or your teachers, including material that is challenging in so many different ways. The work is recorded and sent to you for your PRIVATE review.

So many actors want to stand out in their auditions, but the mistake they make is looking for the hook outside of themselves. The secret is that you are the hook. You are the goldmine. Your truth and your humanity. This work is about consistently integrating that into your approach and your practice, creating connection, community, creative empowerment, and confidence. 

The Self-Tape Bootcamp offers you a direct line to incomparable up-to-date casting intel, and the practical tools to your most powerful, present work in auditions and on set. Bottom line: the camera sees what is in front of it; we are committed to helping you evolve your practice to include your most authentic self, work that is alive and multi-dimensional. And you get to do this work with like-minded, creative, supportive actors who work with you as readers and as colleagues. 

Let go of perfectionism and beating yourself up over Self Tapes! Old habits of trying to please Casting Directors and get it “right” can slowly eliminate your spontaneity, your joy, and the creative act in front of the camera. Every Casting Director wants you to be who YOU ARE and is rooting for you. We are here to introduce you to a more effective and empowered practice so that you show up in your Self-Tape and the Zoom callback with confidence and creative power, moving your audience. Here’s the best part: You're fully prepped for anything anyone throws at you as a result of the creative process in the BGB Self-Tape Boot Camp.

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"What an amazing class! Corey was really fantastic- I learnt so much more about my process and he guided me further to where I need to go- he really opened another portal which I put into practice today. He framed it for me so well, and I walked away nourished, knowing that I am getting closer to my core. He was so good with everyone and I learnt so much from all the advice he gave."

- Henry Hereford, CROSSBONES

"I was freaked out about self-taping big time. I’ve always relied on facilities but with Covid, I had to learn how to do this. I live alone, am not technical, and was quite intimidated about this class. All that went away upon my first session. Loved the class! Ironically, our last exercise was to tape a self-written monologue. As life goes, I had to write a monologue and tape if for a feature right as I got this assignment. It was so easy for me to do and I couldn’t have felt so confident about doing so if I’d not taken this class."

- Roslyn Cohn, MANK

"Essential for any actor during this time. Get comfortable with the new normal for virtual auditions! Corey is welcoming and instantly makes actors feel comfortable. Get to know your instrument and how to make it work for your self-tapes!"

- Emily Skelton, LOW ROLLERS

"Jane cares deeply about actors. It is her mission as a Casting Director and teacher to collaborate with actors so that you bring your best and most authentic self to any piece of material, from where she can champion you with all her heart. Jane is also committed to demystifying the casting process and bridging the gap between you and the Industry"

- Risa Bramon Garcia, BGB Founder

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

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