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David DeSantos with Risa Bramon Garcia, Steve BraunJaime Moyer

Class Dates:

Wednesdays, October 11 - December 6.  8 Weeks.


6:30 - 10pm Pacific Time

Ideal for:

Advanced actors looking to deep dive into the work in order to master their auditions, self-tapes & Zoom callbacks at the highest level. **There are no makeups, refunds, substitutes, transfers, audits or deferments for any classes.  (Cancellation Policy) (Covid Safety Policy) 


$699 USD for 8 weeks. $359 due as a deposit to secure your spot, $340 due after class 2


In person at The BGB Studio in LA with 1 online classes

Auditioning & Self-Taping keep evolving. Here’s how to meet the moment with success!

Right now the Industry relies on Self-Tapes and Zoom callbacks to book actors. While you have more information available about Casting than ever before, how do you cut through the chatter and step into your power in your auditions- be it a self-tape, Zoom callback, or any on-camera work? 

So many actors want to stand out in their auditions, but the mistake they make is looking for the hook outside of themselves. The secret is that you are the hook. You are the goldmine. Your truth and your humanity. This work is about consistently integrating that into your approach and your practice, creating connection, community, creative empowerment, and confidence. 

Over the course of these 8 weeks in the Audition Bootcamp, David, Risa, Steve, and Jamie guide you to hone in on your authentic voice and all the power YOU hold every time you show up for an audition, self-tape, or Zoom callback. You explore the work right from where YOU are now, and acquire practical tools to bring your boldest, truest, most alive self to all your on-camera and virtual work. Our teachers share decades of expertise and passion to help you let go of fear, adopting a more genuine, more joyful, and more alive way of auditioning and taping, and showing up on camera with presence, with ease, fully dropped into the story, all cylinders firing. Your most impactful audition is actually a living, dynamic piece of work- happening in real time and moving your audience on an emotional level. Then your job is to surrender to the camera (in your living room, a studio, or a Zoom space) and move your audience.

Not easy… but DOABLE. And we will show you how!

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The work...

In the Audition Bootcamp we will:
-Simplify & Hone successful audition prep
-Record self-tapes at home and in-person for review and re-working
-Give personal feedback and guidance
-Practice Mock auditions and Callbacks
-Prepare for different genres
-Address how to enter and handle yourself in the Zoom room

We include self-care, balance, letting go of perfectionism, staying inspired, and offering the Casting Director a breath of fresh air with your auditions by sharing characters who are living, breathing, three dimensional human beings. Every time.

The material we work on includes a variety of scenes chosen by you and/or your teachers, including material that is challenging in so many different ways. There will be 1 online Zoom class. Your in-person work is recorded LIVE and sent to you for your PRIVATE review.

The BGB Audition Bootcamp offers you the necessary tools to revolutionize your audition preparation, push past uncertainty and self-consciousness, and show up adding your beautiful, distinctive voice to the story. This is the kind of audition that grabs the attention of Casting and actually books jobs. 

Additionally The Bootcamp provides you with a direct line to incomparable up-to-date casting intel, along with the practical tools to your most powerful, present work in auditions and on set. And you get to do this work with like-minded creative, supportive actors who work with you as readers and as colleagues.

Everything changes the moment you sign up!

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This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

"David gives you the license to make bold choices in your work. He creates a safe environment to play, make mistakes, and figure out what works for you in any given scene. He has years of practical experience working on sets and is keenly aware of the specific needs of actors. He is a powerful artist who also happens to be incredibly sensitive and kind — basically, everything I could ask for in a teacher."

Cate Cohen


"David DeSantos is a deeply soulful, incredibly generous actor and artist. His enormous heart and deep compassion for other artists allows him to hold a space that inspires bigger risk taking and a deeper commitment to my own work. Anyone lucky enough to work with him will experience the same!"

- Elisabeth Hower, SUITS

"This is such a great self-tape class! Having Risa as a teacher is such a gift and I keep coming back! This class really takes the mystery and fear I have about self-tapes away and I now feel ready and confident to send one off! I have taken a handful of classes at BGB and I always learn so much! It’s a wonderful community to be a part of."

- Cassidy Brown, GREY’S ANATOMY

"Class with Steve Braun is like finding out how to truly just BE. And it's from that spot that you feel comfortable enough to take risks and speak lines from the heart; it's how beautiful acting comes out naturally! This technique has helped me in life as well as in my ability to be a more truthful actor. Thank you Steve!"

- Aisha Alfa, DEGRASSI

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