Make It Short!

A Short Film Ptoject

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Dominic Burgess

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Next round 2022 Coming soon.  8 weeks.


TBD Pacific Time.

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 For actors interested in writing and producing their own content.  **There are no makeups, refunds, substitutes, transfers, or deferments for any classes. (Cancellation Policy)


$649 USD. Initial payment of $349 is due as a deposit to secure your spot, $300 due after class 2.


Online or In-Studio TBD.

"I want to make my own work, but..." Fill in the blank

You’ve probably heard it from coaches, managers, and your peers a million times: you’ve got to create your own content.  Maybe you’d like to make a short, but you don’t know where to start. Perhaps you have something ready to go that needs a little finessing to get it in shape.  Or possibly there’s a feature film or pilot that you want to put together that’s out of your grasp; it may be time to look at a “proof of concept” short.

This is where Make It Short! comes in. Wherever you are in your process, the 8 week workshop, Make It Short!,  taught by the brilliant Dominic Burgess,  is here to offer a guiding hand.

Short films are one of the most wonderful forms of filmmaking, allowing creators the opportunity to really express their vision on screen. They’re a powerful tool that can give filmmakers (that’s you!) access to writer and director mentorship programs, the opportunity to get you into rooms to discuss “what’s next,” solid clips for your reel, and a new way to look at your place in the Industry.  Bigger projects might come with often years-long production, mammoth financing obstacles to overcome, and perhaps creative decisions that you hold near and dear falling by the wayside when studio and network notes come into play.  Not so with shorts.

You’re in control.  Your voice.  Your vision.  On screen. 

Time to toss excuses out the window and dive deep into the challenges – and come out on the other side with a short script ready to shoot and a new-found sense of acceptance and agency.

Creating your own work empowers you to take control of your own career.  It’s the start of something significant.  And Dom is here to inspire and guide  you on your writing, creating, and producing journey.

Dominic has experienced all this first hand, as a director/writer/filmmaker who is also a consistently working actor. Dom believes that giving yourself permission to move beyond resistance to generate content can empower every actor and build unshakable confidence in your voice as an artist. In this class, as you collaborate with others and push past your fear of getting it “wrong,” you will be afforded the opportunity to expand both as an artist and a unique individual. You will find your voice in ways beyond acting; and by the way, that also makes you a better actor! This exciting laboratory leverages your brilliant creativity to make this your most fulfilling, exciting career era yet.


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Your Teacher

The work...

In this 8 week lab, you’ll explore writing scenes towards creating a short film- diving into structure, point of view, strong storytelling, editing your pages, and then moving on to talk about how to physically start putting together your project, pre-production, budgeting, filming, and releasing your short. And address how to do this during a pandemic… and beyond!

This class will not be a precious, “gotta-get-it-perfect” practice, but rather your laboratory to build the confidence and joy in the collaborative storytelling process to the point where you won’t just stop at one original short piece — you’ll be on your way to doing it whenever you want, on your terms!

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

"Love, love love The New Work. We wrote and directed each other and critiqued our work. I learned so much. It's more well rounded than I've ever experienced before. I am a different actor today because of these insightful, caring teachers. Thank You BGB!!!"

- Nancy B. Berggren, KIDDING

"Thank you for The New Work. In such a short amount of time I have become more comfortable and confident with myself as an artist. The group as a whole and the work we did in class reaffirmed me in what I’ve been trying to work on personally and professionally. The support from every individual classmate and from mentors like Risa, Corey, and Sydney helped me get past my own mental blocks and simply be present in the moment with the work. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the journey from across the country."

- Emma Steiger, AUSTIN & ALLY

"Corey Parker’s instinct, support, and expertise as a coach have been invaluable to me as a working actor. I strive to always be a student of the craft and he always takes me to a new level of specificity. He has been instrumental in my preparation for character work and for script analysis. Corey always helps me find the truth. His coaching has been a blessing to me."

-Annaleigh Ashford, MASTERS OF SEX

"Sydney and Corey are magic. They encourage us to get back to what is important; relationship and connection. They help us navigate our process in these new virtual times so that we can continue to do the work that we all became actors to do. I’m so so grateful for BGB, it really is the best of the best when you feel lost and disconnected, wondering how to artistically survive and thrive when the world seems upside down."


"I’m so grateful to Sydney for inspiring me with her incredible belief and spirit. She’s dedicated, generous, and full of creativity in her ideas of where a scene and character can go. Thank you, Syd, for being the warmest of teachers. You’ve been a collaborator, a mentor, and above all, a true friend."

- Jessika Van, AWKWARD

"Risa loves actors. What a relief to enter a room with a casting director that wants to put you in the best possible place and head space to do your job. This is not to say she is going to take care of the actor's ego. That's not her style. She sets the tone like a professional peer ready to collaborate with the actor. She doesn't want to hear apologies or excuses, she wants to help you get to a place where together you create a moment or series of moments that are fearless, honest, and personal to you. She knows how to maintain that elevated edge the actor needs to step up to, and hopefully jump off of. Risa will not be there to catch them but she will be the most receptive witness of the actor’s plunge. And she creates an electric room for those plunges to happen."

- Mitch Eakins, #FREERAYSHAWN

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