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An 8 Week MasterClass for working actors that realizes your dreams

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Steve Braun with Corey Parker, Ashley Rideaux, & Eric B. Anthony

Class Dates:

Mondays, February 13 - April 3, 2023.  8 Weeks.


11am – 2:30pm Pacific Time

Ideal for:

Experienced actors ready to shift their self-tape mindset. **There are no makeups, refunds, substitutes, transfers, or deferments for any classes. (Cancellation Policy)


$699 USD for 8 weeks. $399 due as a deposit to secure your spot, $300 due after class 2


Online via Zoom

Your audition limitations are in your mind.

The ups and downs of the Industry can rob you of the creative spirit you need to succeed. Audition after audition met with indifference from an unforgiving industry. You try desperately to find the answer, chipping away at your confidence and doubting your artistry.  But in order to book work,  you’re going to have to blow them away. And the only way you do that is to nurture the fire that started you on this path in the first place. And then let that fire loose in your audition.

This transformational 8 week class is a journey back to freedom and power in your auditions. Led by Steve Braun and including other BGB Master Teachers, The Audition Revolution combines Meisner technique, writing, scene-study, on-camera training, and Buddhist Mindfulness to transcend the perceived limitations in your auditions. It’s where trained actors go to break the audition barriers, dive deeper, and where working actors go to re-ignite their creative fire so they can find freedom and joy in their auditions, and book jobs.


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The work...

Working with Steve and other amazing BGB teachers, you’ll come back to the core of who you are as an actor. Each class offers a unique exploration of the power in your artistic presence an how to bring it to your audition work On this 8 week journey you will find your unique voice as an actor, and discover what might be in the way of the fullest expression of that voice when you audition. You will explore various practices each week,  find connection to your scene partner and your own rich emotional life, and begin to own your artistic power. All in the context of auditions and self-tapes.

The Source.  
Re-discover, re-ignite and celebrate the engine of your creative force. An audition can spark joy?

Imaginative Scene Work.
“Getting it right” doesn’t exist.

Audition like a Creator.  
Be done with waiting for permission.

How to bring the full force of your talent at will.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

"I absolutely loved my time in The Audition Revolution class. I recommend this class to anyone who needs a renewed sense of fun in their work. After taking many technique-based classes, I needed to infuse ‘me’ back into my work and my process. The unique way BGB has crafted this course aids each actor in developing their own way. I can't even fully describe how amazing this class was for me and the immediate difference I began to see and feel in my work."

- Taylor Polidore, BLACK LIGHTNING

"I have been having an amazing time in class. Steve is awesome- his guiding light in each class experience has helped me peel back layers to get to real truth. I have been rejuvenated and renewed as an actor and my inner child has woken up as well and begun to play. I’m thankful for how beautiful of an experience it has been, along with seeing the lights of my fellow classmates shine so bright. I can’t wait for the next adventures in truth when class resumes. Thank you all so much."

- Benjamin Welch, Homicide Hunter

"After surviving a brutal pilot season, I took Corey’s class to find whatever it was that I thought the casting directors and producers and network executives weren’t seeing in me. Pretty quickly into the class I realized that they weren’t seeing me because I wasn’t giving them me. I was giving some bizarro version of the me I thought they wanted. I will forever be grateful to Corey for showing me how to bring myself to the material, and ultimately, the joy back into my work."


"I adore Eric. His energy is magnetic and bright and I feel supported and loved.  My creative cup gets filled with every class and I feel validated as an artist by my peers."

- Liesel Hlista, LOVE ON THE ROCK

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