The Audition/Self-Tape Practice 1 Online

Establish A Strong Foundation In Your Auditions + Self-Tapes

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Sydney Walsh & Corey Parker

Class Dates:

Wednesdays, February 2 - March 23. 8 weeks.


5:30 - 9pm Pacific Time.

Ideal for:

Actors looking to establish a strong foundation in their auditions & self-tapes. **There are no makeups, refunds, substitutes, transfers, or deferments for any classes. (Cancellation Policy)


$649 USD for 8 weeks.  $379 due as a deposit to secure your spot, $270 due after class 2.


Online via Zoom

It’s time to figure it out: Auditioning and Self-taping have been redefined.  

During the best of times, auditioning on-camera can feel daunting. Add a global pandemic and the Industry changing how it engages with actors, and you may be feeling like your audition process and your career progress are intangible. However, you have a unique opportunity right now to be inside (and ahead) of the change as the Industry embraces this new way of working.  

As Zoom (along with online auditions, and self-tapes) is now the actor’s professional home, truth, specificity, and presence are the core of your work, now more than ever. NOW is the time for your craft and your audition practice to solidify. This requires letting go of exactness, of a need to control every piece of the work, of trying to be what “they’re looking for” and to “get it right.” It’s being brave enough to throw the rules and restrictions out the window.


Forget what you’ve been told. Seriously. You must show up by bringing your authentic self, NOT by doing what you believe is “right.” Your strongest audition is actually a living, dynamic piece of work — happening in real time and moving your audience on an emotional level.

Over the course of these 8 weeks, Sydney and Corey will guide you to discover your authentic voice and harness all of the power YOU hold every time you show up for an audition or self-tape. You’ll dive into the work right from where YOU are now, and leave equipped with practical, foundational tools to bring your boldest, truest, most joyful self to your on-camera work. The best part? You’ll get ahead of the game by doing it in an intimate online classroom where the work is proving to be deeply personal, authentic, and present. Working this way has amazing possibilities. 

It’s so doable. And this class is going to show you how!

Sydney brings her extensive, real-world experience as a working actor, director, teacher, and coach- along with her deep love of the work, of deep human connection, and of bold choice-making on camera- to each class.  She creates a revitalizing and safe space- in the virtual classroom- in which you get to re-forge a connection to your authentic voice and to the specifics of the story and relationships in any scene on-camera.

Corey has been at this a while, and he’s dedicated to a process in which you learn to pivot in this new direction the Industry is calling for by letting go of old habits and trusting more than ever your authentic creative instincts. You are valuable as an actor, and finding where your unique voice meets every piece of material is your key to powerful work.


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The work...

Zoom is the perfect platform for this work together.  Each week you’ll work in the virtual space online via Zoom, on camera, addressing auditions and self-tapes. Each week you’ll get real-world input and tackle all of the audition and self-tape challenges and pitfalls, along with learning ways in which to free your work in order to show up fully on-camera. The material you work on will be a variety of scenes chosen by you and/or your teachers. The work will be recorded and sent to you for your PRIVATE review.  And you’ll also do some self-taping at home and bring it in for review and coaching. Here you get to do it all!

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

"Corey Parker's understanding of humanity and the craft of acting is astounding. He's masterful at serving the needs of the actor regardless of their skill set. He is incredibly intuitive, sensitive and nurturing. I believe these to be essential traits for an effective teacher and coach. Studying with Corey has always inspired me to start from a place of joy and love of acting, to dig deeper, to explore the boundless possibilities and to risk it all for my artistry. I'm proud to call him a teacher, mentor, brother, and friend. He's the real deal."

- Shaun Baker, V.I.P.

"Sydney takes someone with great potential and acting skills and unlocks work that is truthful, unique, malleable, and ultimately castable! Syd changed my entire approach to auditions. I no longer have the ‘me vs them’ feelings so many of us experience. When given redirects, I no longer have the crushing thoughts of being judged flooding my brain and hijacking my concentration away from the person trying to help me. Thanks to Syd, I now see auditions as collaborations among artists, regardless of whether or not the end results in a match."

- Joseph Warren, AMERICAN HORROR STORY: 1984

"Sydney and Corey are magic. They encourage us to get back to what is important; relationship and connection. They help us navigate our process in these new virtual times so that we can continue to do the work that we all became actors to do. I’m so so grateful for BGB, it really is the best of the best when you feel lost and disconnected, wondering how to artistically survive and thrive when the world seems upside down."


"Corey is an exceptional teacher. I not only grew tremendously in his class, but also really found the joy in my work again. I have my MFA and have been to several studios in Los Angeles, but I have never before had a more intuitive and specific teacher than Corey. He possesses a magical ability of taking care of actors while helping them find their voice and what they uniquely bring to a set of sides. I loved my time with Corey!"

- Lexa Gluck, LEGION

"Class is going really well! It’s so nice being in a (virtual) space that is all about connecting with other people. Something really cool happened this week. The day after our class about 1 line costars, I received an audition for a 1 line costar. I used a lot of the tools I learned from class when prepping and I just found out that I booked it! I’m so thankful I found BGB and for Sydney and Corey. They are great!"

- Grant Lewis, CHICAGO MED

"I love The BGB Studio so much! I am so happy and excited to be around amazing and talented people in my class, and to be taught by the one and only Sydney Walsh!"


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